How Gov Okorocha And Security Aides Battered Couple To Stupor

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Governor Rochas Okorocha and his security aides allegedly beat up a couple Mr. and Mrs Chidi and Perpetua Okeke last Wednesday at the Ezeogba Emekuku Owerri point of Owerri-Umuahia Imo State.
According to account from many eye witnesses of the event, trouble started when the governor’s convoy motorcade was blocked by the couple’s car which was also in motion.
The governor’s armed security aides bounced on the Mr. Chidi who hails from Umuoke Obowo also in Imo State, dragged him out and started battering him.
An attempt by the victim’s wife to rescue her husband also saw the governor’s men beat the nursing mother mercilessly which saw the woman completely stripped off her clothes and seriously injured.
It was reported that while the security men were having a field day with the couple, their few months baby continued to cry inside the couple’s car. The governor was said to be watching the whole drama from his staff car as the couple were covered in their own pool of blood.
According to reports, the governor later came out from his car blaming Mr. Okeke for being drunk. But when the crowd that had gathered at the scene of the incident wanted to attack the governor and his convoy, he and his convoy they took off.
Speaking in their hospital beds, the couple who sustained different degrees of injuries confirmed the story. On his own part, Mr. Chidi said that he was not drunk but suspected that what attracted the wrought of the governor and his men might be the campaign sticker of President Jonathan on the man’s vehicle. He also said that when he heard the governor’s convoy siren, the side of the road to go clear off the lane had big ditches but that before he could get to a better point to go off the road, the security men had blocked him.

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