How Gen. Boroh Looted N60 billion From Amnesty Program

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A staggering N60billion has been allegedly squandered in the Amnesty Program under the leadership of General Paul Boroh who serves as Special Adviser on Niger Delta to President Mohammadu Buhari and Coordinator of the Amnesty Program, investigations have revealed.

Between 2015-2017, Gen Boroh allegedly collected N45billion under the guise of operating Farms as part of the empowerment program for restive youths in the region and buying Agricultural equipment. Investigators went around the Niger Delta States and found no evidence of farms belonging to the Amnesty Program

The National Security Adviser Maj. Gen. Babagana Mohammed Monguno (rtd.) recently sent his investigators to the Niger Delta region to see if the Niger Delta Amnesty Office has farmlands, and other Agricultural structures in the Niger Delta region as Gen. Boroh frequently claims, but to the investigators surprise, nothing was found, not even a single farm was owned by the Niger Delta Amnesty Office despite the over N45 billion Gen. Boroh claimed to have spent on empowering Niger Delta Youths on Agriculture from 2015 to date, a source told

Sources told that efforts made by some senior Aso Rock officials to have General Boroh sacked were rebuffed by President Buhari. Operating with a web of like minds, Gen Boroh employed retinue of Aides and Associates who operate several bank accounts where looted funds are deposited. investigations revealed that Mr. Beggi Erepade Fidelis an assistant and close Aide to Gen. Boroh bank account was frozen by investigating authorities with over N645 million in the account. After they were caught stealing, Gen. Boroh and Mr. Beggi now claim that the N645 million was meant to pay members of the Niger Delta Avengers.

According to source familiar with the fraud in the Amnesty Program office, same Mr. Beggi Erepade Fidelis recently returned another discovered N40 million Naira in a separate bank account to investigating authorities.

One Mrs. Faith Omofoma another close Aide to Gen. Boroh and the former Head of Vocational Training bank account had over N100million. The funds are Frozen by investigating authorities. Also, Dr. Kenneth Ekeghie another close Aide and Confidant of Gen. Boroh has returned Millions of Naira to investigating Authorities, sources told

According to sources, one Lt. Col. Olusegun Opeyemi Okungbure of the Nigeria Army whom has resisted every redeployment attempt away from the Amnesty Office. gathered that Lt. Col Okungbure was redeployed to Jaji, Kaduna state in June 2015 to be a Directing Staff but he refused to report to his duty station, rather he bribed his way to remain at the Amnesty office.

Using the Aide De Camp, ADC, to President Buhari as cover, sources hinted that Lt. Col Okungbure has done everything possible to remain as the Chief Security Officer to Gen. Boroh and he has been at the same Amnesty duty station for over 3years. investigations revealed that in 2016, Lt. Col. Okungbure defrauded the Amnesty office in the amount of N145 million, claiming to take officials from DSS and the Army to the location of High Chief Tompolos hide-out.

He also applied and collected funds for the training of Amnesty Office Security Officials, but no training was done after he collected the funds which left the Security Officials infuriated, a source familiar with the issue told

It was also gathered that Maj. Bernard Ocheche, Maj. Abdul and other close Aides and Associates of Gen. Boroh have almost all been indicted, and they have returned Hundreds of millions of Naira in stolen monies to the investigating authorities.

According to a reliable source, Mrs. Asari Alote an official with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was recalled from her duty station in Qatar and detained by investigating authorities. She has returned over N100million as part of her looted funds to the investigating authorities.

These funds were stolen during her brief stay as the Director of Foreign Desk at the Niger Delta Amnesty office.

Also, as part of the shady deals in the Amnesty Program office, Gen. Boroh and his Aides successfully changed the names of the actual beneficiaries from the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP) and added over 4000 Ghost names from which they have been receiving over N260 million monthly since 2015 to date.

Sources hinted that many of the beneficiaries whose names were removed by Gen. Boroh and is Aides have long commenced legal action against Gen. Boroh.

It was gathered that Gen. Boroh and the Director of Finance & Accounts (DFA) Mr. Aliyu Kareem frequently pay millions of Naira into Selected Amnesty Contractors Bank Accounts from which the Contractor will collect 10% to 20% as Commission and return the remaining 80% or 90% to a different bank account they had provided to the Contractor. The sad part about this is that no job will be performed.

The Director of Finance & Accounts (DFA) Mr. Aliyu Kareem, according to some insiders, openly demand payments from contractors claiming that the Accountant General of Federation ALH. Ahmed Idris, FCNA brought him to the Niger Delta Amnesty office for him to continually provide returns to the AGF and his Aides.

Amnesty beneficiary slots are also being sold by Gen. Borohs Aides from N200k – N300k thus filling the Amnesty database with unqualified persons. Gen Boroh and his Media Advisers could not be reached as at the time of filing this report.


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