How Elites Turned Adamawa Into An Experimental State- Dan Richard

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Tom Garba

unnamedAn Adamawa prominent concern citizen and international human rights activist, Daniel Richards yesterday berated some elites in the state whom he said have turned and subjected the state into an experiment.

According to him every administration will make its litmus test of ascertaining their level of national acceptance, subjecting the state to high tendencies of under development.

“The elites who are the indigenes of the state are always trying to pull down the administration of Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla as they always do to other previous Government by fueling and spreading falsehood against the administration in order to discredit it.”

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Richards who made the remark during a Press Conference in Yola noted that he was ashamed of some of the state’s elites who felt no compunction to lie against the government by implying that the governor’s performance was dismal.

He noted that having being disturbed by the gory stories of dismal performance he was constantly told by the elites, he deemed it fit to come to Adamawa on a fact finding mission and was surprised by the developmental strides he saw on ground.

“Some of the seniors citizens of the state residing in Abuja have been feeding me wrong information about Bindow’s led government reason I came to the state to see what is on group myself”

Richards added that upon arrival into the state, he went round to see for himself whether the speculations of non performance against the government was true or false adding that upon going round the state capital, he discovered that what the elites were telling him were mere fairy tales to discredit the government of Adamawa state.

He noted that even though he opposed APC in the last general elections, as a good citizen who is mindful of the development of the state he would not score the government low in terms of developmental strides in order to score a political point especially with the developmental strides he saw.

Richards said he was impressed by the phenomenal record of achievement put in place by Jibrilla having seen for himself about 15 ongoing roads projects currently taken place in the state capital alone contrary to what his traducers are claiming.

He added that the elites in the state should know that it is no more going to be business as usual as the governor seems to have made his decision to serve the state as such they could not get the patronage of the government.

“In the last general election I campaign for SDP, gubernatorial candidate. But APC, won the poll.

” I don’t believe in APC ideology then, I secretly when round the state capital to inspect what the government is doing honestly what I found on ground impressed me many roads network were opened and works are going in over four sites Bindow must be commended” He said.

“These our elites who feed fat on the state resources are poised to fight Governor Bindow since he refused to give them contracts or share the resources with them” He said

Daniel equally commended Nigerian Military for clamping down all Boko Haram enclaves in the three troubled states of the region before December Deadline issued by President Muhhamed Buhari.

Daniel said military authority has accomplished time line issued by President Muhhamed Buhari to flush out Boko Haram in the Nation territory by pushing the outlaw group out of Sabisa forest.

He insisted that the Nigerian Military was able to dislodge the Boko Haram militants from all their enclaves in the North East within six monthly Buhari took an oath of office.

According to him Boko Haram militants are now in disarray reason they resorted in suicide attack.

He noted that the military authority has done their best calling on civilians to join in the fight against insurgency through community policing.

“The military cannot eradicate all Boko Haram members before December.

“What I think my President said was that the Military should dislodged the outlaw group from the Nation territory which had been achieved. They are no longer hosting any of their flag in any part of the country.” He said

Daniel noted that the elder of North East need to join force with President Buhari in outgoing war against Boko Haram.

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