How Berom And Irigwe Militias Are Rampantly Killing Herders And Rustling Cows-Miyetti Allah

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Yakubu Busari

The Chairman  Plateau State Chapter of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, MACBAN, ,Alh Muhammad Nuru Abdullahi has said ,at least no fewer than 50 cows  as well as houses were destroyed in Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau state, while he also said that 63 cows and 9 sheep were also killed in Ancha community of Bassa LGA.

The Chairman of MACBAN, in his press statement made available to journalists on Wednesday in Jos said it is with great sense of responsibility that; “we the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria Plateau State Chapter, vehemently want to show our total dismay and overwhelming shock over the recent happening in Miango chiefdom of Bassa Local Government Area and Fan district of Barkin /Ladi Local Government Area and their environs.

According to him this nasty experience reoccurred also in Kinat and Tukur villages both in Mangu LGA on 21/5/2018  where Berom people attacked our Cattle at home in the evening, and killed over 50 and looted the meat without any provocation.

The Berom and Irigwe militias have resorted to rampant attacks, killing of herders and rustling of cows. What baffled us is why the repeated killings of these cows.

The Miango chiefdom genocide and the Fan district of Berom annihilation massacre crusade are becoming one too many. Having gone unpunished of the previous mass killings of hundreds of the sedentary pastoralists last year and early this year, have given them the courage to re-plan and execute their nefarious activities, the Irigwe and Berom tribesmen conspired with some politicians and highly placed personalities in attacking and killing of Fulanis and their herds of cows.

After series of attacks, killings, rustling of herds of cows and having destroyed properties, they have; “On Monday 20th May 2018 the Irigwe militia group from Ancha village while holding sophisticated firearms launched an attack on cattle and their rearers who escaped by the whisker as 63 cows and 9 sheep were killed without any reason or provocation. The cows belong to Alhaji Rago Ishaq, Sani Ishaq, and Yakubu Ishaq.  They have been rampaging from one area to another, looking for where they will locate cows and kill the Fulanis.

While looting the meat they cordon the area with heavy firearms. They were able to fight the Nigerian Army under Operation Save Heaven and defeated them and packed the whole killed cows. These hoodlums are holding more sophisticated firearms then that of the military. Therefore they took to their heels.

The approach of silent and systematic killings of Fulani herdsmen in the remote areas of Miango chiefdom in Bassa LGA and Fan district in Barkin Ladi LGA is still at alarming despite the efforts of the Government and security agencies to maintaining the fragile peace in the State.

We may recap that in Fan district of Barkin Ladi LGA as thus;

On the 9th, April 2018, 93 cows belonging to Iliyasu Guda Gidado were rustled from Nding village into Fan district not one of the cows have been recovered.

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While on 6th may, 2018. 166 cows were rustled from Mangun Halle village of Mangu LGA into Fan district of Barkin /Ladi LGA by the Berom militia group, all effort to recovered the cows went in vain

While in Miango chiefdom of Bassa LGA we also recalled that; on 20th April 2018. 56 cows belonging to Adamu Buba and Dauda Adamu were rustled from Kwachudu village of Miango district into the chiefdom, which their leaders came out categorically in a media interview and stated that the cows have crossed into their area. As a result, one person was arrested and has confessed as he named five others who are yet to be arrested.

On 10th may 2018, 109 cows belonging to Isa Burti were rustled at gunpoint in Orridam and Mai’yanga villages of kwal district in Miango chiefdom, 61 were recovered while 48 are yet to be recovered.

We, therefore, call on Government and security agencies to work out modalities and crush these terrorist gang groups.

Secondly, we wish that all of them be fished out and be dealt with accordingly.

Thirdly, those identified and should also face the wrath of the law and lastly, the orchestrators of this crime and their financiers be properly identified and be brought to book.

However, when contacted the Plateau state Police PPRO  Mathias Toyev said, he has no knowledge of killings in part of the state but promised to speak with the DPO in charge of Mangu and furnish this medium with more details.

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