How Bala Ngilari And Umaru Fintiri Destroyed Our State Says Lawmaker

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Tom Garba

Ngilari-and-Fintiri1A serving member in the Adamawa House of Assembly, Hon. Abdulraham Isa said the past administration of Barr Bala Ngilari and Rt Hon. Umaru Fintiri have bastardized the state’s with their sentimental ideologies and selfish interest

Abdulraham centers his fumes on how the duo Governors  fail to revive the Sukur kingdom that was picked by UNESCO world Heritage center to be one of the world Heritage center in the country, but left office fighting among themselves over leadership without contributing anything meaningful in the kingdom talk more of the  state in general.

” I am disappointed in the past leadership of Bala and Fintiri who failed to revive the only international Heritage that we have in the entire North-East, but busy fighting themselves until they left office “. Isah said

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Sukur kingdom which is in Madagali LGA of Adamawa state and where the two past Governors happened to come from, was rated among the best seven in the country by UNESCO as one of the world Heritage center because of the rich ancestral culture and Heritage they have. Despite all that the place  did not receive any Government attention with the likes of Bala and Nggilari the sons of the soil

The member who is also the chairman community of Budget and appropriation in the Adamawa House of Assembly,Chairman integrity group maintain his stand to fight any form of misappropriation that will come from the Executive.

He also called on the state Government to intervene in the coincided international cattle markets days between Mubi which has Tuesdays dates as her days of visiting  for decades and Girei which is to have same Tuesday in some few days to come.

” The state Government should understand that having two major towns like Mubi and Girei for just a day in a week for people to come from all work of life will not be good for the state”.

“We are talking on how the state Government will boost her internally generated revenue (IGR) with Mubi that has international decades of history of selling cows so days between the two towns has to be looked upon and realign it properly”. He added

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