How Al-Makura Embezzled N410 Million Displaced Persons Relief Fund By Rabiu Omaku, Lafia

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  • Óver 120,000 Persons Displaced

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  • Says Govt Under Al- Makura Is A Carnage Of Lies And Empty Political Gimmick

Chief Yunana Iliya, the state chairman of the opposition party in Nasarawa state has accused the incumbent governor of Nasarawa State, Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura of swindling N410m meant as a relief fund to cushion the effect of flood disaster and people displaced by ethnic and communal violence in Assakio, A crisis  that ravage the state.
The chairman stated this at a press briefing at the party secretariat along Jos road today, Iliya described the state governor as a deceptive headship of the Shendam Road Government House.
The PDP chairman described the monumental racket under governor Al-Makura as a scientific method of swindling taxpayers resource, The party accused the state government of sharp practices of diverting N10m relief fund donated by United Bank for Africa (UBA) to the people of Assakio.
Chief Yunana Iliya also reacted on the missing N400m relief fund donated by the federal government to victims of flood disaster in 2012, over 400m was doled out to displaced persons with the aim  cushioning the effect of flood disaster that ravage part of the state.
“The relief material he disbursed to the displaced persons was a conduit pipe to siphoned state resource in the name of security vote,  adding that the relief materials were only disbursed to selected members of the APC.
The chairman accredited naivety and lack of political-will by the state governor, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura to avert further killings and destruction of properties in the state, Yunana Iliya expressed shock over the uninterrupted attack on people in the state.
He unfolded that no fewer than 120,000 civilians were killed while 89 security operatives lost their lives in Alakyo, He in addition reprimanded the state government over recent attacks on communities by hired mercenaries.
“42 communities with over the population of 120,000 were displaced in subsequent skirmishes”, He described the happenings as a hallucination to the livelihood of the indigents of the state.
Iliya lament that the  majority of people from the state would be disenfranchised in next year’s election; He however said the PDP is ever ready to ensure that all eligible voters got registered in the next week exercise.
“The governor has lost focus in the discharge of his duty as the chief security officer of the state, “He keep on telling the people that he knows those behind Nasarawa crisis but yet to fingered them out”.

He described Nasarawa state under governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura as a carnage of lies and empty political gimmick meant to attract public support by the electorate.

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