How A Staff Of National Industrial Court In Plateau, Strangled Pregnant Wife To Death, Impregnates His 16 Year Old Housemaid (See Photos Inside)

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A staff of National Industrial Court, one Victor Buba who impregnated his 16 year old has allegedly strangled her wife to death following discovery of the House Help pregnancy by the wife.

As learnt by, the minor revealed to her parents that the Madam’s husband Mr.  Victor Buba a sacked staff of a bank in Plateau state has been having canal knowledge of her for the past 6 years in the house anytime the wife goes to work. also learnt that late Mrs. Irene Victor also caught her husband Mr. Victor Buba while he was having sex with their Housemaid by name Nora on their Matrimonial bed.

According to the autopsy report conducted on the dead woman there was a trauma that led to the death of   Late Mrs.  Irene Victor whose husband allegedly murdered on the 2nd June, 2017 in the farm.

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The medical report by conducted by both Air force Hospital and that of the Department of Pathology University of Jos, showed some signs around the deceased neck indicating that she was strangled before she did.

The two autopsy results indicated that her corpse had some marks around her neck with blood stain which required them to ask the husband Mr. Victor Buba what happened to her wife.

Another Photo of her

According to the information gathered by this medium, when the woman came for her antenatal check up on Wednesday morning two days before her untimely death, there was nothing like that on her neck,  it was gathered by this medium, when Mr. Buba was pressed upon he stated that the wife  slumped  after complaining  of feeling dizzy.

Information available to this medium showed that he strangled his 9 months old pregnant wife to death on Friday 2nd June, in the farm and later brought her to air force hospital where the corpse was examined and later query by the Medical team in charge of the corpse.

The case was referred to the Air police for further investigation as photos taken on the corpse by the Airforce Police showed blood stains around her neck.

The late Irene’s colleagues who teach with her at Government Secondary School (GSS) west of mines, told them that she left telling them that she bought some Tamba seeds, that she want to go and plant them in the piece of land that she bought at Tkangang ,New Abuja in Jos South Local Government, where she went to the farm with  her husband.

According to Mr. Victor’s earlier statement he said she complained of dizziness and later collapse and he shouted for help but no one was around only a man that came and help him carry her to the car.

He  then called on  his brother to come and help him drive the car to Air force General Hospital on reaching Air Force gate, he said his  late wife was rushed to  emergency unit for quick medical attention  and the Air Police that was there told  the security personnel at entrance gate not to allow him in .

According to him he said that the Air force officer said he recognized him (Mr.  Victor)  that early morning and waved him when he brought the wife. findings revealed that on reaching the hospital the consultant that checked her that morning was around and when she was brought into the emergency the Doctor confirmed  that she was already dead and they rushed her into the theatre to operate her in order to  save the baby but the baby was equally dead, in cause of examining the corpse the Doctor discovered some unusual bruises on  her neck that made him to embark on thorough  checkup which he  discovered that the woman   was strangled to dead by either a rope or something.

Another photo of her

According to the Doctor, he was the one that conducted medical examination check on her that very morning and nothing of such was in her neck, how comes that she now has bruises around her neck, at that point the Doctor alerted the hospital management and the asked the Air police to come and see,  while the Air Police personnel were there , he asked Mr. Victor the husband to the deceased what actually happened, he said she slumped  that is all, that he can’t explain further and  on their way coming she breath her last breath and died on the way before getting to the Hospital.

But when the air police came they took shoots of the corpse and saw that two places on the neck side about shows that she was strangled to dead, so the Hospital demanded for clarification by asking Mr. Victor what happened to his wife, he gave different story to the officer the air police reports were later transferred to Jos University Teaching Hospital for more findings.

The Air force officer reported to Anglo Jos police station after a thorough investigation and case was later referred to Rantya Police station were the husband’s confessed to the Police how he murder the wife inside their farmland, while this was going on Victor’s family came and requested for her corpse and that of the baby for onward burial rite to be perform on the deceased.

Sources disclosed that the two families who are in-laws are leaving a cat and mouse life, owing to the fact the married didn’t enjoy their blessings, so this has further generated more controversy over the death of Irene Victor the wife of Victor Buba the alleged wife killer in Jos.

When members of his family arrived the scene ,our source  from the family said ,they tried  to deny connecting her dead with the accused person, that Irene has no any scare on her neck not even when medical reports confirmed it ,that she  bleed to death  and her corpse was swelling after a week its  show that it was a forceful dead and her family insisted they want to get to the root cause of their daughter’s death, and what killed her and that  justice most prevail .

The postmortem results being carried out for more proof exposed the accused person of killing the wife.

Apart from this, the husband’s confessed that the late wife constantly appeared to him once he is alone that made him to open up that he killed her.

The family commended security personnel for supporting them to unravel the truth especially the Journalist, Mr Peter Akpah for following the matter to its logical position.

The family statement said the case cannot be swept under the carpet until justice is done.

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  1. yakubu samson mandik says

    He must die for his sins that is the only way i can feel justice for my little sister.may her gentle soul rest in peace with the lord.

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