How 60-Year Old Man Raped Sister’s 4-Year-Old Daughter In Plateau

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Yakubu Busari

A 60-year-man, Mr. Yohanna Danladi of Mangu Local Government Council of Plateau State has been accused by his Younger Sister, Queen Danladi of having canal knowledge of her four (4) years old daughter.

Queen, the Mother of little Esther Danladi Kwashi reported the incident to security personnel of how the brother, Yohanna Danladi forcefully had sex with her daughter causing internal injuries on the little girl’s private part.

Miss Queen Danladi told this medium in an interview that she coached female footballers which keeps her very busy and she was afraid of leaving the daughter with the neighbors whenever she travel outside the state.

She explained that her daughter was sent to stay with the mother in Mangu LGA  in a family compound, but fate ran out the brother Yohanna on 13th March 2021 took the little Esther Danladi into the room and he started forcing himself on her.

She said; “However, after the incident, my mum called me to come down home that Esther Danladi is very sick and she needs an urgent attention which I rushed to Mangu LA to inquire of the cause of her sickness.”

Queen Danladi narrated how the mother wanted to bath the little girl when she started crying and shouting and which attracted her mother to ask her what happened to her private part, it was then that little Esther Danladi exposed that Uncle Yohanna Danladi used his manhood to touch her private part and the place is paining her.

We reported the incident to Mangu Police on the 16 of March 2021 where they came and arrested him and he confessed of having canal knowledge of the little Esther Danladi but he pleaded for leniency.

The accused person, Yohanna Danladi was alleged to be under the influence of dangerous drugs.

Queen Danladi’s mother, Rhoda Danladi told our correspondent that the little Esther Danladi was complaining of pains with blood-stained at the private part and semen.

She decried that the family is now threatening her life that she exposed them before the general public instead of settling the incident the matter amicably with the family.

Queen Danladi told our correspondent that she found it very difficult to let go of the rape by her own brother who is support to be protective and a guardian.

Currently, Queen vows that she ever ready read to seek justice in court in other to stop the reoccurrence of the act by her own brother who has been known for committing the act against minors and always sleep under the carpet.

She alleged that Yohanna Danladi committed a similar offense with their neighbor’s daughter, which was secretly resolved within the family.

The accused is scheduled to be arraigned before Justice Nafisatu Mohammed on the 4th October 2021 for rape-related case of a minor.

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