How 350 Died, 400 sustained degree of injuries on their way to Jamrat

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Rabiu Omaku, Makkah

Muslim pilgrims gather around the victims of a stampede in Mina, Saudi Arabia during the annual hajj pilgrimage on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015. Hundreds were killed and injured, Saudi authorities said. The crush happened in Mina, a large valley about five kilometers (three miles) from the holy city of Mecca that has been the site of hajj stampedes in years past. (AP Photo)

The spot of the stoning of Satan,As at yesterday at around 12:00 thousands of millions converged at Muzdalifa to observed Margin and Isha’i prayers which was part of the compulsory steps of Hajj operation.

The ministry for Hajj operation in respect to this has issued a statement advising pilgrims to use umbrella, water during the movement to Jamrat.

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As at the time of filling this report there is are no officials of the National Hajj Commission (NAHCON) to give detail of those confirmed death as well those that sustain degrees of injuries.

The atmosphere was at its peak of 37-40 OC,

Full detail shortly

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