Help, SUPOL Abiola Of Imo State Police Command Is Destroying My Family, Took My Wife From Me—- Distressed Husband Cries Out To Imo Police Commissioner

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A distressed husband has cried out to the Commissioner of Police Imo State Command, alleging how a Superintendent of Police, SUPOL Abiola of the Imo State Police Command, has destroyed  his family as he accused him of being in an amorous affair with his wife who is also a Police officer in the Imo State Police Command.

In petition dated 10thFebruary, 2017, and addressed to the Commissioner of Police, Imo State Police Command, he said; “I am constrained to draw your attention to the calculated plot of one of your officers by name Supol Abiola of the Imo State Police Command, to destroy my family by going into illicit love affairs with my wife who is equally a Police Officer under your Command.

My name is Mr. Emmanuel Esonwune from Umuorlihi Umuorlu-Isu in Nwangele Local Government Area of Imo State. I am a tricycle Keke transporter based here in Owerri Imo State.

I am married to Mrs. Hope Esonwune, from Umunkwo Obazu Mbieri in Mbaitoli L.G.A. of Imo State. Our marriage was contracted in 2003 and is blessed with three children. My wife was a good and loving woman, mother and companion to me and my children, but the peace in my home got shattered when the devil struck, using your Officer, Supol Abiola as his agent.”

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Furthermore in the petition titled:  Please Call Supol Abiola To Order: He Is Destroying My Family And Also Threatening My Life; he said: “Supol Abiola is having a love affair with my wife. He carries her to different fast food joints, hotels, guest houses and other places. At times when they notice that I would not be home on time, they enter my bedroom to make love.”

According to him, he said; “Recently, Supol Abiola manipulated and indeed influenced the transfer of my wife from the Officers Mess to the C.I.D. Department of the Imo State Police Command, in order to have easier access to her.

I have on several occasions confronted them on the road, even while driving the Police Hilux Van which they use to cruise around the town, sometimes with my children and without shame. It is very unfortunate that Supol Abiola as a married man has intentionally undertaken to destroy my young family by sleeping with my wife, whom I labored under the sun to train, both at the Secondary School level and also at the Police Training College in Enugu State. “

The Petitioner, Mr. Mr. Emmanuel Esonwune said; “The influence of Supol Abiola over my wife has completely turned her into a nagging woman who now sees me as an ordinary man on the Street, with no responsibility. As I write this letter to you, my life is danger and I no longer feel safe in my house.

The worst aspect of the crisis is that my wife allegedly, acting onthe influence of Supol Abiola, packed out of my house with my children and properties which I sweated to acquire. She packed out on the 24th of December, 2016.”

I have taken definite steps as a man to enforce my rights as a husband and as a father to my children. Nevertheless, this letter is to formally inform you Sir that Supol Abiola of the CID Department, Imo State Police Command is threatening my life after destabilizing my family.

I pray you to take urgent steps to quiet the crisis which has almost destroyed my once happy and joyful family.”


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