Hanga Led CPC May Merge With PDM

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With the registration of the PEOPLES DEMOCRATIC PARTY, PDM the Senator Hanga led CPC which is not part of the newly registered APC may explore the option of going into merger with the new PDM. Although discussions have been on between the two groups for the past months through our leaders Senator Hanga, Senator Maman Dan Musa and caucus of our Northern leaders over the possibility of a merger between the two vibrant political groups in the North, it was agreed that efforts should first be concentrated to ensured the registration of the PDM by INEC.
Now that the new party has been registered, pressure has intensified from members of the two parties on the need to urgently merge and began the process of building a new strong political party that would fill in the gap created with the absence of the CPC and ANPP in the North and the country at large. The Anambra state governorship election is fast approaching and the faith of the CPC governorship candidate is not certain on the platform he will contest the election. The South/East and South/South CPC caucus currently rose from a meeting at Enugu and agreed to forward their request to the national leadership of the CPC under Sen Hanga to urgently conclude arrangement and ensure merger with the PDM.

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Hanga, who just came in from Hajj has consulted with caucus of the CPC under his leadership and a meeting slated in Abuja next week to review the current development, especially when the 7th of the October has been fixed for judgment in the case we instituted since 2011 against the Tony Momoh led faction that have now merged with the APC.
We are also not happy with the shoddy manner INEC has handled our internal crisis which has remained a subject of litigation. Jega has displayed incompetency as he has been very inconsistent in his decisions. While he has ignored court pronouncement to ensure that our Katsina 12 resumes their seats at the National Assembly he has tactfully encouraged the Tony Momoh faction to go into the APC merger when it does not have the original certificate of the CPC as a prerequisite  as stipulated by the electoral act  for the merger process to be completed. He should be bold enough to tell Nigerians his basis for allowing the CPC to be part of the merger when it has not fulfilled its obligations to return its original certificate.   
However, whether the judgment favours us or not the future of our party requires a form of merger to make it vibrant and viable. In due course, the leadership of our party will address the nation on its decision. A national rally may be organized in Abuja as a show of strength and the eventual coming together of the two parties to become one.
National Publicity Secretary
Sen Hanga led CPC

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