Group Condemns Attack On Edo Legislators’ Quarters

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The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) has condemned the recent attack of the Edo state legislators’ quarters by alleged sponsored thugs. This act of lawlessness that tends to cripple the values and ethos of meaningful democracy can no longer be tolerated.
With the incidents of Rivers and Ekiti in mind, and now Edo state, the Nigerian Police must understand that its constitutional roles in protecting elected and non-elected citizens of this country must be performed, regardless of party affiliations and political leanings. A situation where a pre-informed Edo State police command left members of the Edo State legislature to the mercy of alleged sponsored thugs, who threatened their lives as well as that of their families, is worrisome and highly condemnable.
We have seen, as in Rivers State, where the Police had been used to harass the executives of the state due to a fallout on political views with the Federal Government; so also the abandonment of judicial officers in Ekiti state to their fate, in the hands of political thugs; and now, the alleged complicity of the Edo State Police in the attack of Edo State legislators. How long and to what extent will this desecration of government offices and officials continue? This cannot be the scientific policing, which the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Suleiman Abba, has just promised the nation. We charge the IGP to investigate and do the needful on the alleged complicity of the Edo police command in this recent gruesome attack.
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We opine that this barbaric attack is a confirmation of the ineptitude and lack of professionalism that has befallen the entire Nigerian police. We, therefore, implore the IGP to use  his good offices in setting up an independent panel of enquiry, to look into this recent incident, and put into record, the remote cause, persons and missions behind this dastardly act and the complicity, and if any, extent of complicity of the Edo State Police Command in the attack.
All these account is very important, not only for the situation at hand but as a vital sum-up necessary for the assessment and calling to order our various institutions. The country’s future as it goes into another election year remains bleak, if situation like this are swept under the carpet.
Again, we urge the federal government to look inward into the Nigerian Police command, appreciate the dangers the present operational system portends, as well as its limitations in offering modern policing and guaranteeing of peace and orderliness to all. We boldly state, that the country is in need of a state police that could work alongside federal police under a well-designed document of operation.

We sincerely commiserate with all the legislators affected by this mayhem, regardless of party affiliations, as we condemn the act of terror by these thugs and their alleged sponsors.

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