Governor Bala Mohammed Many Unfulfilled Promises In His 100 Days In Office

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  • How Gov. Awarded Choice Contracts To Lebanese Firms, Family And Friends At Inflated Contract Sums-APC

Just like other governors who won an election at the last general election held early this year, Bauchi State Governor Bala Mohammed marked his 100 days in office a few days ago. However, for the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Bauchi Governor Bala’s 100 days in office is nothing but a dismal performance as it believes there is nothing to celebrate in the State as far 100 days is concerned in the case of Bauchi, adding that all the Governor is claiming he has achieved or done in 100 days are just mere grandiloquence and pomposity.

According to the Bauchi Chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, it believes the Governor Bala Mohammed lacks the facts to prove claim victory going by its dismal performance in 100 days.

In a statement issued by the All Progressives Congress, Bauchi Chapter and signed by Adamu Aliyu Jallah, the State Publicity Secretary of the Party on the 10th September it said; “Whatever chances Sen. Bala Muhammed and his cohorts think they have, has been completely eroded by mounting catalogue of unfulfilled promises, controversies and cases of selfishness that allegedly been the signpost of his stewardship as Minister and now transferred to Bauchi.”

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In the statement titled: “BAUCHI STATE UNFULFILLED PROMISES OF FIRST 100 DAYS, 2019; “it said in his 100 days in power, he tactlessly attracted enemies on major fronts such as his tactless approach to the issue of Bauchi State House of Assembly leadership and the manner he is systematically frustrating most senior stakeholders of the Bauchi State Greater Project, opposition chieftains and a considerable chunk or the elites for myopic reasons.”

According to the Bauchi APC it lampooned Governor Mohammed as it said that he lacks focus, seriousness and the zeal to perform, that the Governor only believes more in dishing out rhetorical statements and fanning egocentrism instead of performance.

“Bala’s desperation to cajole the people and reduce them to a laughing stock, he hurriedly embarked on ground breaking ceremonies of roads construction while going cup in-hand to donor agencies for support and claims the state has the resources to keep floating,”  the party said;

As gathered from the party the Governor is considering a drastic cut of the State and Local Government’s workforce by deliberately trying to sublet most of their statutory functions to consultants whom he has started engaging from outside the state at high costs and awarding choice contracts to Lebanese firms, family and friends at inflated contract sums.

“Furthermore, in just 100 days Governor Mohammed has ridden roughshod with start civil servant, and his poor handling of youth and women unemployment and empowerment, as he has ignored abandoned projects among several others.”

According to the party, the State under Bala Mohammed is in a state of cesspool of political conundrum created by the 100 days of ineptitude, greed and purposelessness.

However, the party listed 25 questions on claimed achievements for Governor Mohammed to answer.


The people are only informed of how colossus amount was expend.’ but results cannot be accessed. For the benefit of doubt, let the following questions be answered with facts; Bauchi state people deserve to know the following:

  1. List of those selected primary health care healthcare facilities to benefit from the N673 million.
  2. Breakdown of how N227 million was expended 00 various projects in the health sector within 100 days that can neither be seen nor touched.
  3. Number of projects, initiated and completed by the Sen. Bala Mohammed administration no matter how minute the project may be, apart from the Over N200 million expended within 24hours on a claimed environmental sanitation exercise within Bauchi town alone.
  4. The total expenditure incurred by government for the 2019 Hajj operation.
  5. List of those sponsored by government for the Hajj operation and the rationale behind the sponsorship.
  6. Total amount expended on the purchase of animals by the state government its distribution to the needy for the just concluded Salah Festival and list of beneficiaries?

7 Total cost of ongoing roads construction projects in each of the Senatorial Zones,  evidence of published             tender if any, minutes of the State executive Council for the contract awards and the methodology applied           for the selection the contracting firms

  1. Why was Dr. Rilwanu Multammed, brought back to serve Bauchi state having messed-up BACATMA and the FCT PHCDA.
  2. It was allegedly said that brothers and family members of the governor are the main contractors handling fuel supplies and occupying strategies political offices in the administration.
  3. within 100 days why the Annual Leave Grant of civil Servants not paid as was promised?
  4. Despite claim of enough funds within 100 days why is the conduct of local government council’s elections silent?
  5. Why was salary not paid before Sallah?
  6. Why is the school feeding system corruption infested?
  7. Inability’ to fuel generators and supply of essential drugs to the general hospitals.
  8. Inability to provide clean, drinking water to the people.
  9. Inability to settle students’ scholarship allowances.
  10. inability to maintain existing infrastructure.
  11. inability to provide electricity to rural areas.
  12. Inability to improve agriculture, traditional provision of fertilizers to farmers was not possible. 20.1nabilily to improve education
  13. Inability to improve primary healthcare delivery

22 Inability to arrest rural-urban migration

  1. Inability to provide good governance 2
  2. Lust for ostentatious living at public expense
  3. Maintaining of a private Guest House at Public expense at Tambari Housing Estate.

The list is endless which forms the basis for Bauchi people to remain in prayers for salvation, the party said.

According to the party it said; “One surprising thing we know is that how can government award contracts for projects that have not been funded in the year’s budget. For instance, the projects in   Azare, Burra, Akuyam, etc. just to mention but a few, have not been funded in the 2019 budget. While for many other projects the said mobilization released is more than what has been appropriated in this year’s budget.



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