Governor Al-Makura Re-Awards Abandoned Rural Road Contract By Rabiu Omaku, Lafia

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Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura has awarded Dona-Okpata-Akpanaja-Agbashi rural road, The state governor averred that the re-awarding of the unexecuted road projects designed by the immediate past regime of the People’s Democratic Party would boast the socioeconomic activities of the state.
Al-Makura stated this during the installation of staff of office to the monarchs of Akpanaja community and Agbashi, The headquarter of Ekye Development Area, He buttressed that the rural road projects if completed would ensure easy movement of people and farm produce.
The governor hinted that road projects would go a long way in ameliorating the plight of commoners in the state, He said rural road projects have direct bearing on the lives of its citizenry.
Appealing to followers of the ruling party in the state, The APC not to be deceived by political brigands causing disharmony and rancor amongst the varied nationalities in the state, calling on Youth not to be used as agents of violence and destruction during and after elections.
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He advocated on peaceful co-existence amongst the different ethnic nationalities, He Advice youth not to be use as arms handlers, saying the march towards total peace is certain.
Governor Al-Makura assured the people of Agbashi of the APC determination and commitment by providing more dividend of democracy, He affirmed that power, school and hospital are on the pipeline.
He expressed optimism over the unflinching support accorded him with the large turnout of the masses, Al-Makura hinted greater premium to the traditional institution, He indicated that the upgrading of paramount rulers stool was to assist in economic and social coercion.

The governor called on chiefs in the state to preach peace amongst the diverse people in their domain, The elevated chiefs, The Osakpa of Akpanaja, Musa Agye and the Otushuhu of Agbashi, Moses Alade promised to  maintain the tempo by abiding to constituted provisions.

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