How Governor Abubakar Became Paranoid, As He Began To Think Of 2019 Rather Than Delivering On His Mandate—- Senator Wakili

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  • How He Sponsored the Protest for Our Recall
  • Accuses Abubakar of being Impervious to Advise

Senator Representing Bauchi South at the National Assembly, Senator Ali Wakili has lambasted Bauchi State Governor Mohammed Abubakar over his way of handling the state, he also said that the Governor is impervious to advice; even he accused him of sponsoring protest against them. According to the Senator in a recent interview he granted Leadership Newspaper, he said; “The State Government using some charlatans and some of its appointees that have become its praise singers used an organization called APC Vanguard for Peace and Tranquility to pass a vote of no confidence on members of the National Assembly from Bauchi State on flimsy and trumped up allegations that we were working with the opposition to sabotage President Buhari.”

According to Senator Wakili when asked about the issue of recall of Legislators of the National Assembly from Bauchi State that has been a recurring decimal, he has this to say; “Well, remember that last year at the height of the recall when you spoke to me, I told you, it is all about 2019 and the failure of some people to perform but who are masquerading ,using some people of easy virtue who are skilled in use the name of President Muhammadu Buhari, branding us as anti his policy because we supported Saraki. God in His Infinite mercy did not allow them to go far in achieving their bad intentions.”

Wakili further said; “Good a thing the President has never said he doesn’t want Bukola Saraki as Senate President and that at the time of election of the Senate President, President Buhari has assured all and sundry that he was neutral and ready to work with anyone that emerged. Initially, the real forces behind it were playing hide and seek. When they could not succeed at the first attempt they hibernated. I for one became very pro-active. I ensured I never miss the sitting of the Senate, I made sure giving the slightest opportunity by the Presiding Officer, I make good quality representation, saying my candid views that I not only became the darling of my Constituents but indeed other Nigerians. I stepped up my Constituency visitation weekly where I interact and enlighten them on happenings. In the process I receive feedback. I championed their welfare. Mind you as a citizen I do a lot more to appreciate people in my constituency rather than waiting for the Constituency Projects financed by the Federal Government. My other two colleagues (Senators Hamma and Nazif) were equally doing many things in their Constituencies. My other brothers in the House of Representatives led by Speaker Yakubu Dogara were all doing their best so as to carry the people that are foremost and at the forefront of giving President Buhari the greatest support base in Nigeria.”

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“However, for some unexplained reasons, the Government at the State level that is supposed to lead in terms of the social, economic and security well-being became alienated, non-inclusive and impervious to good reasons and advises that it cost the enthusiasm of the people that elected it. It became paranoid and began to think of 2019 rather than delivering its mandate. Since it is impervious to advise, it surrounded itself with charlatans, it lost touch with religious clerics, elders, traditional rulers, the ordinary men, the Worker, the teachers, and pensioners. Unfortunately, the state being agrarian and purely salaried economy driven, a great disconnect occurred. To worsen everything the non-inclusion of elected representation especially those at the National Assembly and regarding them and referring to them as Abuja politicians that can be trampled upon easily became the albatross,” he said.

Speaking further he said, due to the dearth of the leadership of the APC Party at the State level, everything deteriorated. With the State Government loss of every confidence from all segments of the society, the members of the NASS became the easy prey as all our  good doings became object of envy; “The quantum sum of project the State attracted due to the bond between the members of the National Assembly within the 2016 Federal Government budget became a source of concern. The non-inclusive State Government became paranoid and begins to clandestinely set the people against the Federal Legislatures. While clandestinely and subterraneouslly working against the NASS Legislators, opportunity came when there was the hoax of impeaching President Muhammadu Buhari. The State Government using some charlatans and some of its appointees that have become its praise singers used an organization called APC Vanguard for Peace and Tranquility to pass a vote of no confidence on members of the National Assembly from Bauchi State on flimsy and trumped up allegations that we were working with the opposition to sabotage President Buhari. The organization observed that Bauchi State was targeted for political vandalisation and acts of sabotage by its representative. Signifying what? You can cross-check Daily Trust of Friday July 15th 2016, page 40. Suddenly and certainly on the 20th of July the organization under the protection of the State Government staged a protest to the Emir’s palace thereby desecrating the sanctity of the palace as impartial institution, proceeded to the State House of Assembly and were received by the Speaker and finally to the Government House, where the Governor Barr. M.A. Abubakar personally received them.”

Wakili stated that; “According to the protesters they were ready to initiate a recall of us at the National Assembly. Unstatemanly the Speaker and the Governor made bombastic statements beyond political brinkmanship that exposed them. If you go to your paper Leadership of July 22nd 2016, you will see where the organization wrote the Governor notifying him of the protest on the same date it held. The organizers last paragraph was “we shall count on you to play the critical part of making it a worthwhile event more particularly by showing concern please”. This exposed all, and their antics. Authorities swiftly came out to deny by making an official press release and also its spinners in the social media launching attack. In the release the Government was vehement in denying despite celebration over the Radio and social network.”

Speaking on the issue of Nigerians being angry over the new bail-out for states when they haven’t given account for the first trench given, this is what he has said; “It is very sad, tragic and unfortunate how workers, teachers, pensioners in most of the States have found themselves running without salaries for several months due to the various Governments non prioritization and needs assessment. President Muhammadu Buhari’s magnanimity, compassion and humanism in providing the bail-out as reported was not utilized as intended. Remember Nigerians as you asked are angry because of the excruciating situations of the workers, teachers and pensioners as they have been made to lose their dignity, the essence of their humanity as they are turned to beggars. Some have even died.”

He also accused the governor of using unending verification and plausible reasons, as to why salaries, pensions has not been paid; “People are worried that a second trench will be made to the States not that the bail-out is not desirable but for fear that the governors might deploy it to payments of other things. Remember the Governor of Bauchi State was some days ago quoted to have said that the bail-out was not purely for settling outstanding salaries, wages and pensions. So the public cry and concern is timely. I am however encouraged that for you to access the bail-out now you must put in place certain mechanisms that will entrench probity, transparency and accountability.”





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