Gov. Peter Obi Others Escape Plane Crash

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  • As Pilot Ask Them To Thank God

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What could have turned to be an air mishap yesterday was avoided by the experience of the Arik pilot of Flight W 3788 conveying over 100 passengers from Lagos to Asaba in Delta State.
Daily Sun gathered that the flight which was supposed to take off at 8:30 am, was delayed in Lagos on account of bad weather. Though travellers had boarded the flight, after about two hours inside the plane, they were asked to go back to the departure lounge as the aircraft could not take off due to what the pilot called “terribly bad weather at Asaba.”  After about three hours, the flight was boarded again because weather reports showed improvement within the internationally-accepted landing standards. By the time it was boarded again, many people who sensed the situation as warning from Providence, had already cancelled their trips.

On getting to Asaba, the weather became bad again. Several attempts at landing proved difficult. Not wanting to take chances, the pilot promptly returned to Lagos. On reaching Lagos, the weather had already gone very  bad by   aviation standard with yesterday’s downpour. The plane had to circle around for hours amid dwindling aviation fuel. It finally landed at 4:45 pm amid sighs of relief from traumatized passengers who clapped in jubilation. The  pilot, Captain Sandy Miller, merely told passengers to thank their God for His  mercies when they got home.
Speaking to Aviation correspondents at the Domestic Wing of Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja, Gov. Obi, who travelled to South Africa on Sunday and came back yesterday to Lagos, said he was determined to make the flight to Asaba en route Awka because he did not like staying outside Awka more days  than necessary.
Moreover, he said that he had already planned to do so many things at home yesterday. When he was persistently asked those things, he reluctantly said that he had projects to inspect such as the progress of work at Upper-Iweka, the drainage challenge at Ogidi as well as the site for the construction of  Agulu Lake Hotel Resort, which, according to him, would take off in a matter of days.
Obi said that following discussions with some investors in South Africa that requested land to build their facility in Anambra and some existing ones that want to expand, that he planned to visit some identified sites for consideration. “Moreso, I have planned to treat many files in the night,” Obi said. On whether he was unsettled, the governor laughed and said that nothing again should be frightening to a person that governs a state like Anambra. Moreover, he said, he was always at peace with His God and fellow human beings to worry over the vicissitudes of life.
Speaking on the experience, one of the passengers, Donald Emeh, a lawyer, said that as a frequent flyer, he was used to such situations. He nevertheless gave glory to God for safe-landing at last. He jokingly described how those on board turned into emergency prayer warrriors,  casting and binding the spirit of plane crash.
The Majority Leader of Delta State of Assembly, Hon. Chief Igbuyo, who along other government officials, said the incident was instructive on why one should be prepared at all times.

Source: The Sun

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