Gov Bala Is A Threat To LG Chairmen Says Duhu By Tom Garba, Yola

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Governor Bala James Ngilari is facing a strong condemnation over his pronouncement that he will sack elected local government chairmen that are not working for PDP by some member of the opposition parties in Yola Adamawa state
A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress and an aspirant in Adamawa State, Dr Umar Duhu who chided Governor Bala Ngilari over his recent threats of sacking the Chairmen of Local Government Councils in the state for indulging in anti party activities said the governor do not have the powers to sack them unilaterally.
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According to the APC flag bearer for Federal House of Representatives for Madagali/Michika constituency he said; “under the present dispensation, no governor has the right to unilaterally remove or truncate the tenure of any elected structure of governance, with particular reference to any elected Local Government structure in the Country”.
“The threat posed at the democratically elected Local Government Chairmen of Adamawa State, if carried out by Ngilari is unconstitutional and a complete nullity, and will not have any effect whatsoever.
He described the statement by the governor as a tale by one that is considered power drunk, and should be disregarded by all the citizenry.
“The governor of Adamawa State is a product of law and a sound Lawyer who is conversant with the interpretation of the constitution as it affects all the tiers of government. Why then will he allow himself under any guise to be catapulted into making pronouncements that is preposterous and unconstitutional,” he queried.
Duhu called on all people of Adamawa state particularly the Council Chairman to disregard the threat adding that “Any right thinking person who is in tune with the pulse of the Nation knows that such threat is an empty one and would not in any way hold water
“People should follow their conscience to vote who will lead them for the next four years. As the representatives of the commonest persons at the grassroots, the chairmen know where it pinches them the most. The chairmen know very well if the denial of their autonomy by the present government is worth re-electing them or not,” he added.
Duhu added that “On the whole, the action by the governor of Adamawa State as publicized in national dailies, further exposed the desperation of the PDP government, to win the forth coming March 28 and April 11 general election, by all means, even if it warrants the subversion the rule of law.
“As a citizen of Adamawa State, I condemn this pronouncement in its entirety and regret to associate with those involved,” Duhu concluded.

This condemnation is becoming more fierce as Governor Bala has formally engineered the removal of Gombi Local Government Chairman, Alhaji Rufai Umar on alleged of misappropriation of council funds.

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