Gov Al-Makura Ends Fourteen Year Old Kingship Brawl, As New Ohinoyi Ogye Emerges

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Rabiu Omaku

Nasarawa State Governor,Umaru Tanko Al-Makura in a move to broker peace has ended the prolong friction surrounding the kinship tussle of the traditional stool.

The state Governor expressed regret over the attrition and trepidation surrounding the exalted stool of Ohinoyi Ogye of Toto Local Government.

Al-Makura stated this during the official confirmation of the new Ohinoyi Ogye, Mohammed Umar Azaki who succeeded his predecessor,Alhaji Mahmuda Dangana.

The Governor identified the prolong delay in the selection of the occupant of the stool to the tussle between the seven Kingmakers, adding the demise of three of the Kingmakers necessitated the selection of the new paramount ruler.

“The tussle between the Kingmakers and the ruling houses lead to a rigorous litigations among the warring ruling houses,We also succeeded in redefining the stool of Ohinoyi Ogye”.

Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura said the court ruling on the stool of Ohinoyi Ogye was in tandem with the position of the State Government, he disclosed that the reduction in the numbers of seven ruling houses to four reduced the burden of the selection.

“To invoke the doctrine of necesity, he further said the selection of the paramount ruler was in accordance with the provision of section 8 (3) of the Nasarawa state legal notice number 14 as he has been duly selected as a first class chief.

Al-Makura commended the state House of Assembly for the speedy passage of the bill for a law to redefined Ohinoyi Ogye stool.

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