Gov. Abubakar In A Catch-22 Situation As Bauchi State Assembly Commences Impeachment Moves Against Him

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Masoyi Lusa Governor-Bauchi-Mohammed-Abdullahi-AbubakarBarely four months in office it appears hard times await the Executive Governor of Bauchi state, Mohammed Abubakar following an alleged move by 18 out of the 31 State Assembly Members impeach him.

According to reliable sources within the Government House, they Governor may have irked the State Lawmakers who are not in tune with his ways of running the State as a governor. In fact, some persons who spoke with this medium are of the opinion that the Governor is yet to know the art of governance and if he doesn’t take time this will cost him his government.

However, learnt that the Governor’s request for a N1 Billion loan approval from the State House of Assembly twice didn’t go through, this medium learnt that the second time the Governor requested for the loan approval was through the through the Chairman of the party, Alhaji Uba Ahmed Nana. learnt that the meeting held last Saturday between the chairman of the party and the Lawmakers ended in a stalemate as the lawmakers it was gathered refused to honour the loan request by the governor. But impeccable sources within the State Assembly who spoke to this reporter said that the rejection of the loan request by the members may be as a result of the way the Governor has handled the members of the Assembly;

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“I can tell you that the way he has been treating the lawmakers, may have irked the members, you know in the State Assembly, there is no independence of the lawmakers, like the way it is obtained at the National Assembly where the President don’t have any input in their salaries, allowance, and other things. In fact, the National Assembly has their budget. But here these members largely depend on the Governor for every of their pecuniary activities, ranging from their allowances, remunerations and others. But since taking office these things has not been approved for them by the Governor.” learnt that all is not well also within the APC executive hierarchy, for instance soon after the failed meeting between APC State Chairman and the Lawmakers, the Deputy Chairman of the party in the State, Shu’aibu Rahma yesterday held a meeting with 18 APC Lawmakers in which he asked them to commenced impeachment moves against the governor. The move by the Deputy Chairman of the party is as a result of the unhealthy relationship between the Deputy Chairman of the Party and the Governor.

“Yes, the meeting was held yesterday, 18 lawmakers who are APC members, were at the meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Party who asked them to commenced impeachment moves against the Governor. When the governor who got the knowledge of the moves by the members sent an emissary to pacify the members and negotiate terms with them on how to stop the impeachment moves. At the end of the whole thing, they governor agreed to give each of the members N15 million to stop the move, but things fell apart when the Governor’s emissary returned with a message that the said he will pay the money in three instalments, adding that he will pay N5 million first and the remaining ten million in two instalments.

A move they rejected,” an Assembly Source told this medium. This medium gathered that relationship between the Governor and the Deputy has been sour especially since after assumption of office the Governor, over his ways of doing things, in fact it was disclosed to this medium that the Governor initially wanted to make the current chairman of the APC, Uba Ahmed Nana the Secretary to the State Government, SSS, but reneged on that after he discovered that it will be a disaster for him. A source privy to the meeting told that the governor told the party chairman this; “I will not make you the SSG, because if I make you the SSG, they your Deputy will take over as the Chairman of the party, and he will use that office to fight, so for this reason, I will allow you to remain as the party chairman so that you will join hands with me to fight the Deputy Chairman.”

Reliable source said, N4 billion loan collected in absentia of both the State Assembly Member and State Executive Council as stipulated in the functions of the three arms of government is what the State House of Assembly are bent on carrying out the impeachment threats against the Governor. The imbroglio situation over the loan and also the reactions and counter reactions as to whether the loan was approved by the past assembly or not, has generated a lot ripples within the Governor’s side and also at the State Assembly members’ side.

It would be recalled that soon after the assumption of office the governor collected a loan of N4 billion which was expected to be approved by both the Executive Council and the State Assembly but were yet to be put in place especially the State Assembly Members, whose resolution were needed.

It was learnt that the governor had allegedly claimed the loan facility was approved by the seventh assembly, but this assertion by this medium may not true after all, according to a principal officer of the past assembly who spoke to this medium on condition anonymity said; “there is no truth whatsoever in the assertion by the Governor, as I am talking to you, I am a principal officer of the past Assembly, because if there were such thing, the Governor’s letter would have been read at the floor of the House for deliberation and subsequent approval by the House, but this was not done. if the Governor is insisting that he got the approval of the previous assembly, then should tell us how that was done, unless he is telling us that he got the approval through the back channel in connivance with the former Speaker, I am saying this because before a loan or any other such request will be approved, they Governor will write to the House intimating them of his request and this will be read at the floor of the House and after then they House will deliberate on it and give their resolutions, but this was not done, so where did he get his approval from, from the back door, let he tell us.”

However, also this medium also learnt that other grievances of the lawmakers in which they are angling to commence impeachment moves against the governor is allegedly attributed to his overseas trip to the Czech Republic even when the State Assembly were not duly informed, an action which the members said it  contravenes the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended.

A principal officer of the current State Assembly who confided to said that the governor has been dodging the lawmakers on their demand for the Governor to meet them for a meeting, but rather he sent the Deputy Governor in that regards a situation which did not go down well with the members. As it is, the battle line has been drawn between the Governor and the State Assembly Members, the question that needs to be answered is this, who will blink first, only time will tell.    

  1. Mustapha Umar says

    Regarding the Impeachment moves against Bauchi state Governor by the Lawmakers, I will advice that the lawmakers should know that they were sent to the house of Assembly to represent their individual constituency,. They (lawmakers) are charging the governor of misconduct then for what reason will they reach a compromise with his (the governor’s) emmisary.. This is not fair at all….

    1. surajo isa says

      insha allah this blatant liar( m.a) would impeach from the office,we are behind the 18 members and the deputy chairman againts the impeachment.

    2. YUSUF HAMZA says

      but you dont no the power of lawmakers over a governor, let me tell u go and check sec. 108 sub (1) of 1999 constitution of the fed. republic of nig. so MA MUST answer the charges against him by bauchi state lawmakers, and hope he will be impeached insha ALLAH, if can’t answer.

  2. MU'AZU ABDUL says

    let them warn him for the first time, when next he committed wrong then they should luck forward for the impeachment against him,he should also have to provide for them their necessary allowances, also about 15million each of the 18 members, this is a clue bribe and it gives way to corruption, M.A should be careful.

  3. Aminu Yakubu Bununu says

    Let ICPC and EFCC take note of an attempted corrupt practices initiated by the two arms of government (i.e) executive and the legislative arms of government, they should be investigated to probe the veracity behind this allegation of attempted corruption of #15M to each of the law makers in order to compromises the process of impeachment.
    The issues of whether the said loan follow due process or not let them also investigate to ascertained the validity and reliability of the information.

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