Going Back To Gashish To Live Is Like Someone Placed On Death Row, Waiting To Be Killed, Distinct Head Laments, Says Their School Into Market Square By The Fulanis 

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Yakubu Busari



The community leaders from Gashish District has organized a one year memorial Church Thanksgiving service at Angul-di, Jos South Local Government Area on Sunday in honour of the deceased brothers and sisters who were killed by suspected Fulani herdsmen, who are now occupying their ancestral homes.


It will recall that economic and political land grabbing led to the Massacre of about 200 people in Gashish District of Barkin Ladi Local Government Council of Plateau State.


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HRH, Da- John Dalylop Dan-Gyang, the Gwom Rwey of Hashish narrated in tears how the Fulani herdsmen incessantly were coming to invade their land where they killed innocent women and children without any provocation.


Speaking he said; “We lived with the Fulani’s like our own brothers, we gave them our daughters to marry, even sometimes their cows would come and destroy our crops yet we settled the matter amicably.


It is very sad that having accommodated the Fulani due to our peaceful disposition, they are now returning it with the impunity of massacre of our generation but to us we have done the right thing to help our fellow human being like us who blood flows in their veins but now the Fulani herders have taken over our community, turned our schools as their market square where they sell their nunu( local milk,”  he said.


Dan-Gyang lamented that his people can’t do anything, narrating their ordeal he said it was the miracles of God that saved him from the hands of Fulani herders killers that fateful Sunday at about 10 pm, “I woke up to kick-start my usual night prayers, suddenly I heard sporadic gunshots around my house and I became confused then I immediately rushed to my parlour and I saw that it was filled with people who ran inside my compound to take refuge.”


“At that time we became confused and I ran into one of the rooms inside and I saw that it was also filled with people and went to the toilet, lo and behold the entire compound was set ablaze, the fire burnt down all my properties, I managed to escape wearing only a short for 8 hours that the inferno lasted.


They were trying to move my car but they assailants couldn’t so they decide to set it on fire.


“I regretted becoming the district head of Gashish because even calamity kept befalling my people and I was helpless, I was a staff of Plateau State Polytechnic Barkin Ladi when members of my community asked me to become their district head.


HRH Danyang said, his health condition is gradually getting worse, I take injection which cost me N60,000 monthly and I am supposed to take it for six months.


Since the year 2012, the people of Gashish had continued to experience mayhem as nobody dares go to the farm or move outside his home because Fulani herders have besieged us, we are constantly being harassed, intimidated by the assailants.


He requested that Federal Government should build them a mobile Police Barrack in Gashish to ease the pain his people are undergoing, we want to go back home, we need to sleep and wake up with them not being killed or harmed.


“We believe that one day this will be history in Berom land where people we didn’t offend or fight with comes back to attack us in the middle of the night and kills us.


Dan-Gyang told the congregation himself and his people has forgiven those who killed them but appeal to the government to reclaim back their land that has been taken over by foreigners in Berom land.


He said one year ago the people of Gashish were the most peace-loving community but the happiness remains in the memories of the dead and to the living that sacrificed their souls to safeguard the state.


According to him, these Fulani herders is not about the people of Berom extraction but the entire Christian in the state, so I advised you all believers of Jesus Christ not to be deceived by the narrative that they are only after the Berom nation.



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