Garba Umar’s Senatorial Bid Opposed By Taraba Group

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The Nomination of former Deputy Governor of  Alhaji Garba Umar, as the Senatorial Candidate of the PDP has been the Taraba Rescue Group.
The Group in a statement issued over the weekend which was jointly  signed by Ignatius Igbaa and Mainuma Haruna said; “We are honestly surprised at the decision by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to field sacked acting governor, Garba Umar, as senator representing the good people of Northern Taraba.”
Furthermore it said; “We don’t know what informed that type of funny decision but even if it is because of political expediency, the choice was done in really bad taste.
“And the Taraba people would reject this move as it portends only a bad omen for our polity. Garba Umar (UTC) should not be allowed to go near the hallowed chambers of the senate. He doesn’t just qualify. First, at a time when everything is about youth power, UTC is an old man of over 70 who sleeps most of the time. What would he go and do in the senate beyond sleeping and snoring? He is also incapacitated by an illness known to us.”
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Speaking further they said; “But even more seriously is the fact that UTC has not yet accounted for the N14.9b he stole while in office. Unless if it is not true that he stole that kind of amount but if it is not true, we should be told so in clear terms. But if he indeed stole this amount, what is the justification in dashing him the senate seat? Is it a reward for his theft?”
“Does that mean that all one has to do is to steal money and then he or she would be rewarded? What about the people he defrauded? Or is our own democracy about rewarding thieves? Has UTC been pardoned for the stealing?
“If he was forgiven, we should be told because we can’t just forgive him. Or has he returned the money he stole? Where and what is the credibility of sending a felon like him to the senate?
“We are rejecting this arrangement on the grounds of principles. UTC should not be allowed in civilized circles let alone the senate. While he was in government, he alienated everyone; he betrayed his boss, Governor Danbaba Suntai; he caused divisions by introducing religion into our politics. He is responsible for all the discord and disharmony among our people.
“We don’t understand how UTC can be treated as if he did something fantastic while he was in office. Is he not an ordinary citizen like the rest of us? We demand immediate answers for these questions.

“UTC should be a fugitive running from justice instead of getting hailed as a senate material. It is annoying, unfit and a vote for indecency,” the group said.

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