Gamji Memorial Lecture Of Late Sardauna, Unijos Chapter: One-Year Public Lecture On Late Kamal Abubakar Extols His Short Leadership Journey -Amb Sadeeq Plaza

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Yakubu Busari

The Gamji Memorial Club, University of Jos Chapter public Lecture with the theme,” the youth of 21st Century, Guided or Misguided in remembrance of the Late Kamal Abubakar Shai’bu one year public lecture as the Governor of University of Jos chapter.


Late Kamal Abubakar’s short leadership journey whose hands of dead snatch him in a motor accident last year received encomium from his colleagues, classmates, and the parents as gentlemen that can’t discriminate or made verbal abuse on anyone.


As parents, we very proud of the late Kamal Abubakar although he lived a short life here on earth we believe that is how God wants it and nobody can question his will.



The late Kamal Abubakar was the epitome of humility where he promoted unity and love amongst Muslim and Christian students in university by encouraging peaceful coexistence within races on the campus through his philanthropist gesture.


The father of late Kamal, Amb Abubakar Shaibu disclosed why he wants to continue to support the dreams and aspirations of his late son Alh Kamal a 300 Level computer science student .as a family, we have the resolve and agreed to render our cash contribution to the Gamji club which promote our premier of Northern Nigeria value of the Late Sardauna of Sokoto.


He expressed gratitude for those that grace the late Kamal one-year public lecture as they demonstrated love so I don’t know how to show my sincere appreciation to them all.


It is only God Almighty Allah that would have mercy on him and peace be upon him when asked what does he have for the youth in Nigeria? Amb Abubakar popularly known as Sadeeq Plaza said he is confused with the rate of unemployment ravaging the country, so how I feel to touch their lives by giving them an empowerment scheme for them to stand on their own.


However, I want to provide starting capital for them to start small businesses with it, Amb Sadeeq Plaza is a philanthropist who constructed over 50 roads,1000 solar boreholes, 70 bridges, culverts, physical cash donations, settlement of hospitals bill to sick persons, renovation of Irigwe paramount rulers palace Rukuba, Jos East.


He also embarks on scholarship to the children of the poor, vulnerable people affected by the crises described youth as the backbone of every society and vanguard of change so without them the society is dead and if Nigeria youth are given the proper attention they are going to contribute their own quarter effectively.


Sadeeq Plaza reiterated his ambition for eying the Jos North /Bassa Federal constituency seat of the late Hurana Maitala says if given the mandate he can’t do anything without the youth and women empowerment skill acquisition.


According to him, the present conditions that Nigeria today requires the training and retraining of the youth for better service delivery so as a nation, we place them in our central policy that improve the livelihood of our leaders of tomorrow.


Sadeeq Plaza while speaking on the precarious situation in Nigeria, explains the rationale behind the insecurity bedeviling us that I believe there are no challenges of insecurity in many parts of the country because the number of security chiefs are up and doing to ensure the safety of all citizens.


He stressed that with the high population of the youth in Nigeria, which occupied 60% of the total population of the country that all together combine five African countries, so we all need to go back to moral home training of the youth.


If Nigeria would harness the potential that we have sky would be our limit, when I hear Nigerians complaining about security challenges it gives surprise because people are happy and going about celebrating their occasions without any hitches.


Sadeeq Plaza revealed the situation in Nigeria that is intact considering the happening around the world and we should continue praying that the country’s security improves.

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