Gamawa Bags Leadership Award

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Former president of the National Union of Bauchi State Students (NUBASS) Comrade Muhammad Salees Gamawa has received award of Excellence from the Social Students’ Association of Nigeria (SOSSAN) at College of Education Azare during a Annual Lecture organised by the association in the weekend.

Gamawa was awarded “Grand Commander of Nigerian Students” for his outstanding leadership during his stay as NUBASS president.

Presenting the award, the president of the Social Studies Students’ Comrade Garba Bala Bello said the award is based on merit as Gamawa is the most outstanding president NUBASS ever hard.

“Even though he was ousted in the first quarter of his tenure,  Comrade Gamawa has surpass his predecessors in term of experience, dedication, transparency and accountability, and we are aware that he was ousted because he won’t be compromised” Garba added.

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Receiving the award, Comrade Muhammad Salees Gamawa thanked the association for acknowledging his services adding that all his achievements were the outcome of the support and cooperation he received from Bauchi State students and the general public. He therefore urged members of the association to support their president to enable him achieve a lot more.

He used the opportunity to apologize for Bauchi State students who were not satisfied with his resignation describing his action as the best option for union.

“Really NUBASS need full time president, I wanted to complete the constitutional tenure of mandate you given me but the state government decided not to work with us, I can remain president despite the challenges but Ill will have affected the innocent Bauchi State students, I therefore resign because the public interest is above my personal feelings” Gamawa added.

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