Former Vice President, Joe  Biden wins US Presidential Election

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Joe Biden, Democratic Party candidate has won the 2020 Presidential election, winning over 270 electoral college votes.


He will become president in January, pending the outcome of any legal challenges, BBC reports.




The result was called after Biden overtook incumbent Donald Trump in the state of Pennsylvania.

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Winning the state gives Biden more than the 270 Electoral College seats needed for victory.


It follows a dramatic vote count that saw the two candidates’ fortunes change over four days.




The Trump campaign says the election is not over, and the president does not intend to concede.


Trump had earlier declared himself the winner, before all the results were declared.


At the age of 77, Biden will be the oldest president in American history.


His running mate, Kamala Harris, will be the first-ever female vice-president

Biden continues to lead in three more battleground states – Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona. – BBC

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