Fished Out Sponsors Of Boko Haram,Hon Loman Tells Buhari

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Yakubu Busari

The Embattled People Democratic Party (PDP) former ALGON Chairman in Plateau state, Hon Emmanuel Loman has cautioned federal government to fish out the sponsors of jihadist movement and those perpetrators of the heinous act of killing innocent Nigerians by bringing them to justice.

Speaking to our correspondent at his residence in Rayfield this weekend, Hon Loman stressed that president Buhari should intensify more effort to prosecute those who are behind the incessant attack and killing of innocent citizens.

He stated further that those members of Boko Haram that were arrested made a lot of useful revelation regarding people who are sponsoring them to commit the dastardly act against humanity.

Loman reiterated; “we need total change in our attitude and behaviours so that the government of Muhammadu would achieve meaningful development. We have given peace a chance in Plateau, the problem is lack of unity and sentiment which had destroyed our sense of love for one another and had affected our sense of judgment.

Loman described those ministers under President Muhammadu Buhari cabinet as men with questionable character because Nigerian consider him as a messiah that will put things right but we pray that after the four years he should go and rest peaceful.

He advised Nigerian politicians to stop cross carpeting from one political party to another, stressing that those who are running to APC are myopic because what this country need is stable democracy, love and forgiveness from each other.

Loman noted that people should eschew violence and stop religious crisis, hatred, ethnic and tribal politics and embrace one another.

The former ALGON chairman decried of lopsided appointment which didn’t provide the needed platform for the opposition to contribution.

“Let join hands and salvage the state and provide good governance to the people of Plateau state and see dialogue, lobbying as the beginning and end to political upheaval”, he explained.

‘Jonathan cabinet was full of liars and  many hypocrites who were working for his down fall  but are fighting him underground so the Buhari fight against corruption crusade need to start with governors ‘,he noted.

According to him , Plateau state people should learnt to tolerate each other by ensuring that the learnt from other  mistake  and move forward and  stop criticizing each other God give power to whoever he so desire.

The former council boss lamented that Plateau state at 40’s the state went through series of challenges were some leaders had the opportunity to rules the people yet committed a lot of mistakes.

He urged the people to stop blaming Governor Lalong administration for dwindling economic problem, we are now facing what has affected us now globally is due to  the problem of  poor  oil price which is internationally known to everybody.

The PDP National spokesman, Oliseh Metuh was trying to check the opposition and his arrest with handcuff in court is bad for democracy.

He accused APC government against disobeying court order but when someone embezzle funds he or she should be punish according to the rule of law ,no one is supporting Kanu and Dasuki action when the court gave room for bail it’s should obey.

President Muhammadu Buhari came in with clear minds but the use of strong measure will not solve our problem which had destroyed the fabric of the society.

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