Federal University Lafia Employment Scandal: Sacked Staff Gives Governing Council 2 Weeks Ultimatum To Re-Visit His Sacking  Or Face Legal Action

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Rabiu Omaku

An estranged non-academic staff with the Bursary Department, of the Federal University, Lafia,Agwai Othman Anas ,the Higher Executive Officer on Grade level 07 through his counsel A.O.Ahmed ESQ, principal partner Luminaries chamber has given the management and governing council of the Federal University Lafia a two weeks ultimatum to sack the registrar of the University, Dr.Idris O.Jibrin.

In a letter dated 22/December, 2016 titled “Re-Termination of appointment of Agwai Othman Anas which a copy was made available to universalreporters247.com, the sacked staff threatens to unleash a legal war on the University for accommodating the registrar whom he accused of aiding employment saga.

Take note-That the university is given 14 days from the date appeared above to re-visit the matter with the aim of justly dealing with all involved.

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Take further Notice-That failure to do the above will compelled us to bring a suit at a competent court of law, that this been our clients original instruction, the letter addressed to the Vice Chancellor was dated 22/12/2016.

Anas through his legal counsel in a letter alleges that one Ali Haruna was granted study leave by the university in London, saying Ali was a conduit pipe through whom money were received with a promised of fresh employment, Othman attested that he partook in the employment scam including the registrar Dr.Idris O.Jibrin whom  he said was aiding the racketeering.

“I can vehemently said Ali Haruna Ali is working for the registrar ,Ali confirmed this to Anas”.

Agwai also queried the rationale why the registrar was made the secretary of the panel which approved the termination of his appointment.

“Now as it is our client’s employment has been terminated and is crying out loud while a person he allegedly aided the racketeering that is Ali Haruna Ali who is in turn by his testimony was working for the registrar is still on the payroll of the institution”.

” As I’m talking to you know his name is in the payroll of December salary, neither Ali known the registrar has been investigated by the panel ,instead prior to the commencement of the investigative panel assignment Ali Haruna was granted study leave to London to jump his appearance, he described the investigative panel recommendation as selective justice, discrimination and scapegoating.

“It is common knowledge that where there is a person accused of aiding the commission of crime ,there certainly must be a principal that is the one who commits the crime in question, in this case Haruna who claimed to be working for the registrar and receiving monies with the assurances that jobs would be given, further information not captured in the letter.

The registrar of the University, Dr.Idris Jibrin while reacting on the allegation leveled against him by one of the employee whose appointment was terminated said he is yet to receive the said letter officially even as at press time, he in addition said he was not accused of any misconduct or wrongdoing by the institution.

” I did not participate on any employment scam, the registrar who is about retiring by February 2017 said Haruna was given time to report to the investigative panel after he resume duty next year.

“I assure you that Ali Haruna Ali must face the panel to clear himself from the allegation of employment scam,” said the registrar.

It would be recalled that an online platform universalreporters247.com reported the rising spate of employment scam in the university recently leading to a court case.

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