Family Demands The Release Of Dr. Nazif Yunus‬ From SSS

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By Yakubu Busari,Jos

Dr-Muhammed-Nazeef-YunusThe family Hajiya Sa’adatu Yunus has demanded  for the release of Dr. Nazif Yunus for the interest of justice.

‪She pointed out that, It has become imperative on us as the Wives, Children and entire family members of the detained innocent Dr. Nazif Yunus, to speak and re-echo our injured-bleeding heartfelt position to the ouster world as we insist on seeking for justice and freedom to our head of family, as we do that by appealing for his immediate release.

Sa’adatu Yunus said ,almost two years now that our father and brother has been mercilessly taken away unjustifiably from us, by the State Security Services (SSS), Plateau State Command, on the 29 October, 2013 and was later transferred to the Department of State Security Services (DSS), Abuja and had since then been made to live in captivity.

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‪Though we are very much aware that a case has been instituted against him by the office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of the federation, which process has however is taking longer to us.

‪We are still wondering why Sheikh Nazif Yunus is still in detention whereas; those youths that have claimed him as “their spiritual cell leader of the dreaded Boko Haram,” had since been discharged and released having the DSS, said it has no case against them, but surprisingly, the alleged “leader,” whose arrest by the DSS, was said to be, “as a result of a confessional statements by the youths,” is still in detention unjustifiably.

Whereas; the youths as alleged by the DSS, have said they had agreed to go and perpetuate an attack in some places in Kogi, as an act of conspiracy which by our Country’s law is punishable, yet were released, and some of them were allegedly dramatically and secretly, recycled  and brought to court and testified as Government witnesses against the Sheikh.

‪Whereas; a witness that had testified before the court have also failed to established any facts that they are his students in his school, where he is was teaching while available records proved that the secondary school he (witness), attended was not in existence.

‪We are reiterating and shall continue to reiterate that Sheikh Nazif has never and will never be a sect member of the Boko Haram, hence the out cries of various Islamic groups and renowned Individual personalities appealing for his release as is known to be a serious critic of the Boko Haram un-Islamic ideology, in both his actions and wordings during preachings as well as even in his doctoral (PhD), thesis.

‪Our continuous passionate appeal and cries is for the release of our innocent and helpless father, we urge the Federal Government to have mercy, consider our plight and release him, more so that our life has been under critical situation as a result of the incarceration of him.

‪We are still pleading to the conscience of all Nigerians to also support us in prayer as we keep faith in Allah the ultimate saviour to intervene in the matter, as we craved for justice.




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