Famers/Fulani Conflicts May Cause Chaos In Auyo Local Government Of Jigawa If Allowed To Escalate

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Umar Akilu Majeri

As Jigawa State Government is doing its best to curtail farmers/herdsmen conflict and provide grazing reserves to Fulani Pastoralists as well as water in all the 81 grazing reserves, there has been a different story in Auyo local government of Jigawa as Fulani Herdsmen and Framers are at logger over who owns the forest in the past one hundred years.

An investigation conducted by our reporter found out that the Fulanis who were among the victims said they were originally born and brought up there but that out of nowhere the local government share the forest with the farmers.

When contacted Hardo Hussaini Damina said their people have been living in that area for the past 100 years but because of some selfish interest, the forest was allocated to farmers.

He said if the government didn’t take measure on the matter it will affect their living condition, he, therefore, urged the state government to come to their aid to revoke the allocations given to the farmers and return them to graze their animal since originally it was a grazing forest and not farmland.

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