FADAMA III:  50,000 Farmers Have Key Into The Farming Programme In Plateau

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FADAMA III Programme Coordinator in Plateau, Mr. Gideon G.Dandam has disclosed that about 50,000 farmers have key into the farming program including youths participation in Agriculture across   the 17 local government areas.


Dandam who made this disclosure on Friday at the Plateau State Agricultural Development Programme headquarters  Dutse Uku ,Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau state.


He said the issues of food security which is in partnership of the  World Bank , Federal , State and Local Government Areas was design to address and reduce poverty among the most poor vulnerable people in the society .


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The government plan to increase income generation of very poor farmers by thinking of providing quality service provider through financial institutions that they should be able to stand on their own where funds can be  disbursed to States for them to access the loan .


According to him, for the farmers to get the loan they have to form cooperative community  between 10 -15 members of entrepreneur then identify the type of farming and key into its then open account and discuss the strength and weakness .


He reiterated that the group with a particular economy blueprint of entrepreneur set and done bring a business proposal plan which will be capture every farmers eg ,rice ,maize ,fishery ,Tomatoes ,animals husbandry ,saying ,”we now come to find out that the challenges of 2013 saw a lot confusion in some states .


Gideon Dandam explained further that over 50,000 farmers both the youth have venture into different farming in Plateau state especially quarterly arrangement  on crops production, infrastructure production 50% of the programme and infrastructure access which by then 70/30 when farmers bring 30% .


Adding, for infrastructure like wash basin ,roads the farmers provide 100% and water pump because the impact farmers were able to survey base way


The main objective of the technical assistance field visit was to address key project implementation challenges and ascertain the level of disbursement of funds to farmers across value chain in the States. Other specific objectives are as follows to; review the comprehensive status report of project plan assessed the level of business plan preparation and implementation and validate respective


Dandam revealed that FADAMA III asses the implementation of the World Bank missions action plan and validate the farm sixe and georeferencing farm sites.


He told our correspondent that they will assess the administration of input voucher, ascertain the use of advisory service tracking


The development objective of the National Fadama Development Project for Nigeria is to increase the incomes for users of rural lands and water resources in a sustainable manner and to contribute to restoration of the livelihoods of conflict affected households in the selected area in Plateau state and its environs, Dandam stressed.


He pointed out that the additional financing proposes to finance two components. A new component will be introduced to the ongoing project, Food Security and Livelihoods Support Investment Program under the Governor Lalong regime.


Dandam maintained that the project abstract may not accurately reflect the project’s current nature Total project cost includes funding from World Bank and non-bank sources in US$ millions. Active and Closed projects show commitment at Board approval. It does not reflect any cancellations. Proposed (pipeline) and dropped projects show the forecast amount.

The commitment amount for projects in the pipeline is indicative and may be modified during the project preparations


However, the Coordinator emphasized that base way survey is 1.3 for the maize which is to build capacity of the farmers by given them equipment at the right time, 4 hectares, 3 to 5 hectares which will give encouragement especially in cows breeding to sell within 3 months and not the usual six months, You see between 16 to 18 weeks you start birds they will ready which help to pull resources for them to save money.


With the introduction of micro finance bank in Plateau state which is second Africa after Kenya 60, million has been saved from farmers accounts across the 17 LGAs. Dandam said the FADAMA III then apply for CAC when gave them license and that bank called one unit bank took off and is now functional at Solomon Dausheo Lar Beach road.


The World bank is provided Nigerian with a bank that are own purely 70% by the farmers and 30% for the public interest ,the achievement under FADAMA III was mandated to support the local tomato rainy and dry seasons now identified some areas in Plateau state that can cultivate rice all year round .


According to Dandam , with help of loan tomato also grown all over the country including Plateau state as farmers have 10 tons 1.5 hectares were we are calling spirited individuals to invest more in agriculture through equipments for processing .


He noted that 25 tons per hectare of rice or  6 tons per hectare farmers need capacity building on tomato base farm on intervention and also saying goes beyond field production .The yield economy analysis is the issue of  shortest ,theft ,ASTC green house production had brace up that the concept can encourage  farmers were they are able to adopt it in 10 different location .


30 green houses this is a program were 10 form cooperative to identified and provide we provide for them boreholes and plan seedlings including supervisor were one of them can give 10 cage plan 45 million is realize within 6 months before the farmers can change to another crops.


“You cannot find a single tomato on the ground up taker now we asking for   processing and market this tomato almost a cages 400,600 mandate per one cage and basket sold for 600 and see the amount farmers are making so let the people in the community see what can be done .


The Coordinator stated that Plateau state has the potential to produce tomato all year round however, the challenges the number of these farmers who are incoming seeking need support but we don’t have resources to cater for them now.


The very poor farmers can pay their contributions where learned people hijack forms main for the poor farmers our people in Plateau to purchase plan for rice tomato .We only have two in Shendam and Langtang in the whole of Plateau .


The Kebbi Rice mostly are transported from Plateau state to them so we are calling on people to invest  because the resources is not there to give farmers loan and to reduce army of unemploy youth so that they will be employ.


In addressing the plight of graduates unemploy youth it is in line with the government they have screen by expected to be train in College of Agricultural Garkawa ,Federal College of Education ,Pankshin while government is ready to release money to them before the end of the Month.


The General Manager Micro Finance Bank one unit, Mr Habila Mutla said FADAMA III farmers program put together 3 combine World bank project to provide farmers who are ready to fight poverty .


We did what to cut off the FADAMA III equity forms mandatory of cash flow of 20 million license which  start in 2015 and commenced November ,2016 with necessary registration and kick start fully in 2017 January.


The bank initially started were its now recorded tremendous achievement through sustainability of farming in Plateau state which is known for where our small farmers can enjoy commercial where commercial banks cannot give them loan to customers.


He explained that 1,689  customers today group register for current account ,saving 11,759 daily saving 1,563, children 22 and students 4 .


They benefited 100 farmers still ongoing were they  have 15,000 million for them  benefit from the running loan the blessing to this state whether poultry ,rice farming support them .


The people expectations is very high and we  finding  it very difficult for those looking  to  provide loan to the farmers who are in dire need  and the unit cannot establish  another branch outside the state .


One of the beneficiary of FADAMA III in Jos South ,Mrs Esther Manjang applauded the the program as very good and that is why they key into its by forming cooperative association .


Mrs Manjang rate them 80% for construction structure, borehole with a overhead tank to help distribute and pump water to the farm and they even construct land preparation .


The FADAMA III help them market their goods and they association also free to look for new market buyers .


She explains that their big problem now is how to manage the farm because we are just beginning to understand the business plan and getting new information is also major issue .


The second person is Gideon  Jangbut who also expressed confidence in the leadership of FADAMA III program of the world bank

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