Exposed: How Late Waziri Fursom, The Plateau ADP, Jos East Chairman Was Killed By The Ruling Party In Plateau—Plateau ADP Chairman, Nanyah

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Yakubu Busari

The Political tension in Jos East Local Government Area of Plateau state has revealed how late Waziri Joshua exposed evil before his death.

Chairman of Action Democratic Party, Chief, Amb. Nanyah Andrew Daman has told our correspondent how Josiah Waziri a vibrant member of his party was gruesomely murdered as his body was riddled with 16 bullets before his death.

Chief Daman stated this in an interview with our correspondent at the party Secretariat in Jos.

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He said the truth of the matter is that those that murdered Chief Waziri Joshua shall never know peace throughout their lives.

According to him, Joshua was a very active member of the Action Democratic Party both in his local government and the state. Everyone who knows him know that he is a man of principle, a man of character, a man of integrity and a very popular figure in Jos East LGA particularly within the political arena.

The state chairman stated that he had complained to them in the last meeting they held together with him that the ruling party is on his neck, because they are not happy that he has come to change the political calculation of the local government.

“the last time we met, he told us that the ruling political party are after his life, thanks God he opened up to us that they are disturbing him, that his present ADP is going to change the face of politics in his local government and so any right thinking human being will insinuate that they have hands in his killing, about sixteen bullets were riddled into his body .That go to show that they want him dead at all course.’

“If not why pumping sixteen bullets into the body of one man? So these are the insinuation we are getting ,this is why we are pointing accusing finger on the ruling political party both at the state and at local level because it is an extension ,Chief Nanyah Daman explained further that in politics somebody is up there ,he feel that his position is being threatened by this young man who is trying to put sand into my Garri ,he will want the young man to be eliminated because he will feel he can no longer stand there to be disgraced in his polling unit and ward.

When Journalists sought to know whether the forthcoming LG polls will be conducted, in his reaction Amb Daman says yes ,it would hold, the reason being that ,we have put enough pressure and check on the state government which has forced them to sign PLASIEC local government election into law and the date is given ,and we are prepared towards the election on the second aspect ,we are fully ,fully on the front burner preparing for the local government election by the grace of God we are going to have a good outing come 17 February, 2018 ,we will shock a number of people.

On the issue of IPAC election he said the chairman of All Progressive Congress won and since he is the chairman of the ruling political party, there is no institutional provision that says the chairman of a ruling political party should not contest.

Is just on moral ground that the ruling party couldn’t contest the election, even as at that the state government made their position very clear but they went ahead to vie for chairmanship so that is where there was internal crisis.

We understand that his political party wasn’t in support of his contest, he contested and he won so we are only looking at it from moral ground not constitutional angle because he has the right to contest .We feel you mustn’t be in the ruling party and contest in the position meant for the opposition party because that position is to advice the government and other political parties on harmonious relationship.

You will not feel what other political parties are feeling, like we are complaining to PLASIEC today that the nomination interest form we feel is expensive, he is not complaining because he is in government.

He has so many sources of income, while we don’t have any.

Meanwhile, candidate for chairmanship of Langtang North, Mr. Daniel Kura has assured of getting a landslide victory especially due to the crisis rocking opposition parties in Langtang north.

He promised delivery on his electioneering campaign agenda of grassroots empowerment of women and youth to improve the wellbeing of rural populace if elected as chairman of Langtang North.

According to him, he has numerous plan of revitalising the council with people’s oriented policy provision of education, and focus on agricultural sector which is the main stay of the people .

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