Exposed: How Governor Abubakar Of Bauchi State Committed Many Impeachable Offences-Assembly Sources

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  • Governor Still In Wonderland

Barrister-Mohammed-Abdullahi-Abubakar2-648x330When the people of Bauchi trooped out in their numbers in April 11, 2015 to vote for Barrister Mohammed Abaubakar as their choice for the man that will take them out of the doldrums of the PDP led government, it was with all ecstasy that at last the change mantra being branded all over the country will make an impact in Bauchi state having voted for the APC candidate.

However, the much hopes of Bauchi people is now dashed as what they are seeing from the current government, are not what they actually and really expected from him.

As it is, nearly 100 days in office, while many state governors had already up their game of governance, the Bauchi Governor this medium learnt is still in Wonderland, as they state is stale, without sincerity of purpose and vision, not knowing where they are heading to under Governor Abubakar.

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According to an impeccable Source from the Bauchi State House of Assembly, who confided in this medium said that since assuming office as the Chief Executive of the State, that the governor has committed several impeachable offences.

The Assembly source told this medium that the governor started committing impeachable offences, as early as June, soon after his inauguration, before the inauguration of the new assembly, the Governor collected a loan worth over N9 billion without approval. According to the Assembly source as at the time he collected this loan, there was no State Assembly on the ground, even as there were no State Executive Council then, which also has not been constituted up till now.

According to source; “the Governor collected the loan because he said he wanted to use the loan to pay the State worker’s salary, which is about N2 billion for a month, but surprisingly he paid only one month salary of the Bauchi State workers, and he only paid basic salaries without allowances. In fact, I can tell you that no Bauchi State worker received any allowance when that payment was made, what was paid to them was the basic salary. I can tell you that nobody knew what happened to the remaining balance of the loan he collected, even though it was collected in the name of paying the State workers’ salaries.”

Another crime which the governor has committed, which the source said is an impeachable offence is that since he assumed office as the governor he has always travelled out of the state, leaving the State at the mercy of God; “It is supposed to be that when he is travelling he hands over the State to someone, for this he must communicate to the State House of Assembly that he is travelling, and tell them who he is to hand over as the acting governor, but he doesn’t do this,” the Source said.

Indeed, it has become a fact that most governors in the country bring along their families into the governance of their State, can authoritatively gather that Governor Abubakar has followed in the same league of Governors who involved their families into the running of the affairs of the governance of their state. According to the impeccable assembly source, he told this medium that not only that Governor Abubakar has deeply involved his families into the governance of the State; “he has also allowed them to have a free hand in the bureaucracy and affairs of the state. I can tell you his immediate family; also take part in what happens in the state, they give directives, they tell people what to do, they get contracts for things in the State, is this the way of doing things, can Bauchi survive like this;  This I can tell you is another impeachable offence.”

In his nearly 100 days in office, he awarded two contracts that, this medium learnt that the two contracts were awarded to his son and one of his relatives named Aminu; “Governor Abubakar awarded the contract for the purchase of cars for the State House of Assembly members, but surprisingly the award of the contract never followed the in house procedure. There was no bidding for the contract, there were no advertisement for the purchase of the cars, equally, no competitive bidding, indeed this is a complete violation of the Procurement Act,” the Source said.

Speaking further the Source said; “not only did he do that with his son, he also did it with Aminu a relative of his whom he also gave the contract for the purchase of Diesel AGO, there was also no competitive bidding, no advertisement for the purchase, this is also a complete violation of the Procurement Act.” learnt that the sins of the governor didn’t end with the procurement act violation, as it was also gathered that  the Governor gives the Deputy Governor the sum of N16 million for the monthly running of the office.

However, in the releasing of this money for the running of the Governor’s office, it is observed that rather than doing the right thing, he never did.  For instance, he is supposed to set up a Cash flow committee that will determine how much and what should be released to the Deputy Governor’s office, but he never did even as he didn’t also set up the Finance and General Purpose Committee, a committee that is made up of the Accountant General of the State, the Commissioner of Finance, and the Deputy Governor, but as it is learnt that this committee is also not in place.

In fact the governor unilaterally releases this fund to the Deputy Governor’s office without getting input on what is required for the office of the Deputy Governor, day to day affairs.

“I can tell you confidently tell you that these enumerated offences are more than impeachable, as it is nearly three months in office, he has done all this, what will happen to Bauchi State by the time completes four years in office, then the State will be in a sorry state, look at Kaduna, Kano, Adamawa, Abia, Rivers, these states have new governors and they have kicked off doing things for the people of their State, but here in Bauchi Governor Abubakar  is still in Wonderland, gallivanting.

For me, I don’t think Bauchi State will savour the democracy dividends under him, because it is always said that if Friday is going to be good you will start to know from Monday, but in our own case I fear for Bauchi, because as it is Monday is already being bad,” the Source said.

  1. ali maiunguwa says

    Allah kasa mudace

  2. Sabo usman ibrahim says

    I decided to be registered because there use to some substance in your releases but for this one of Bauchi Governor i suggest that you should not pass judgement on his ability yet because he is not as experience as other Govnrs talkless of comparing with the President.we took him there by d grace of Allah and as a leader myself i learnt to be like a vulture..lets pray for him and give him a small time before we start to complain,unless d page is meant for selfish reasons

    1. murtala says

      4get he’s not ready 2 do nything by keeping mute on the loot of the pass government. He’s a total diappointment to the pple of bauchi. Fact

  3. MUHAMMED MOE says

    This is a bloody stupid lies aaainst the governor. How do you expect people to read this rubish and believe you.

    Provide evidence that the governor awarded a contract to his son and the Aminu in question. Your evidence should be factual and verifiable. I mean you cant just type in all sorts of alligations to educated people and fail to back up your claims with concrete evidence. This is funny i swear. That the governor awarded a contract to Aminu. Aminu who?

    My advice is to you and your sponsor is to please let the governor concerntrate and take the state to a great step. Dont fail him before he starts. Wallahi these things you said are politically motivated.

    1. murtala says

      By the way his son shared hajj seats 2 his frds nd family. This aligation has element of gaskiya. It’s unfuturenate 2 ve a leader like him I work in bauchi I’ve see notin like change comin 2 bauchi under Abubakar. Fakat

  4. Safiyyaddeen Khalil says

    Honestly sometimes people make baseless allegations. If the Assembly source is really serious & is telling the truth why do they prefer speaking on condition of anonymity?
    They should come out boldly, bring out facts/proofs and challenge the Governor without hiding their Identity.
    But nobody can be deceived by relying on stories circulated without identifiable source.
    The people of Bauchi State knows what M.A.Abubakar Esq is doing to take the state to a greater height therefore if the so-called source you mentioned can not produce a convincing evidence, I believe nobody will agree with them not even myself.
    If they want people to take them serious and agree with such allegations, they should produce facts/evidence to back up their claims.
    The people of Bauchi State are not fools. We use our brains to rate stories published whether they are objectively written or otherwise.
    Sorry Assembly Source, we need evidence to back up your allegations please.

    1. murtala says

      My guy stop ass kissing this guy is fuck-up shine

  5. Shuaib Abubakar says

    Barrister is a total disappointment and shame to the people of Bauchi State!

  6. aminu suka says

    Is not yet uhuru, the govnor has a lot of tym to chnge, so let’s gv him lil chnce

  7. aminu suka says

    Hp what am reading will end of here not truth, coz we vote him to chnge our gvt not to share our resources to his accomplice, the money belongs to all bauchi indegene Not M.A/ son and the so called Aminu. THAnk God card reader is stil reading ur effort

  8. Alh. Adamu Muhammad pindiga says

    I suggest let the house of assembly impeach the governor due to the fact that he don’t have mercy for the people, more over the loans he collected 9 billions to pay salary without an assembly in place, he also awarded contact to his son & Aminu a relative, he paid only 1 billion naira salary & reduced the salary of the civil servants, there was no cash flow & due process nor bidding in contact for purchase of vehicles of state assembly and expenses he done without the concert of house of assembly, more over his family & relatives were the people controling the government. Let him just be impeach due to the fact that uptill now bauchi people haven’t withness any project, at the sametime he travels out at will, without giving time to know his people problems, he engaged in seezing people properties given to them by the past administration. I feels sorry for people of bauchi state. May Allah interven Amin.

  9. Alh. Adamu Muhammad pindiga says

    Democracy is government of the people by the people and for the people. But from all indications the people were not enjoying the mercy of a governor, that’s why the point of impeachment arises, why did it not happen to other states??? Is there any project on ground or was the welfare of people improved???

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