Exposed: How Corruption Reigns Supreme In Delta Government As Okowa Awards, Executes, Commissions Road Construction Contracts By Himself

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  • Awards 23 Road Construction Projects to Welder

James Ibori was released from Prison today after six and half years in prison for acts committed while he was office, but it appears his surrogate, the incumbent governor of Delta State, Gov. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa has not learnt any lesson from Ibori`s ordeal, as he has taken cronyism and corruption to a new height, Huhuonline reveals. checks reveals that out of the 59 roads so far completed in the state, Okowa awarded a great percentage of the contracts to himself, executed them by himself and commissioned them by himself.

During campaign, the governor’s  slogan was ‘prosperity for all Deltans’, but since he resumed office as governor, his slogan has changed to “Egho Aria” meaning there is no money.

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Okowa popularly known as “Governor Delta State is broke” has failed to fulfill his campaign promises. Rather, he has plunged the people into poverty, sacked 3000 workers, cancelled bursary for student and refused to pay workers what is due to them while he steals the state blind.

In June 2016, Governor Okowa obtained a N14.16 billion Federal Government loan facility for the state to finance infrastructural development projects.

Findings reveals that the developments of these infrastructures are awarded at inflated rates only to cronies who front or hold money for the governor. It was also gathered that commissioners in the state are just figure heads as they have no input in contract award and cannot approve. investigation reveals that Okowa’s cronies have no prior experience in road construction, all they have to do is hire a rookie civil engineer or building engineer, who they pay peanuts to use their credentials and rent construction equipment to do these jobs. The rented equipment are branded with their company posters, to make people believe that they own them and the roads they construct are not properly done and cannot stand the test of time.

One of such companies is Eric king Ventures, owned by one Mr. Ifeanyi Nwachukwu, also known as Ify Bros, gathered.‎

According to investigations, Nwachukwu is an illiterate who can neither read nor write. He used to be a petty welder and had a shop on Lagos Asaba Road in boji, boji, Agbor, until he began to front for

Some of his artisan friends and former colleagues who spoke to our correspondent described “Ify Bros” as the governor’s business partner.

A construction analyst who spoke to our correspondent wondered why someone as cerebral as Okowa would entrust such projects to an unlettered novice, adding that wonders shall never end.

Investigations revealed that Nwachukwu who is from the same village as the governor, has constructed over 23 out the 59 road construction construction contracts awarded by Okowa.



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