Exposed: How Amnesty Boss, Gen. Boroh Squandered N6.2 Billion Amnesty Fund, National Security Adviser Monguno Fingered

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Special Adviser to President Mohammadu Buhari on Amnesty Program, Gen. Paul Boroh allegedly stole N6.2billion from Amnesty office using fictitious militants in the last two years, has revealed.

Sources hinted that in violation of a Presidential Directive instructing Gen. Boroh to Pay the monthly stipends of the all Amnesty Delegates directly to their bank accounts, Gen. Boroh allegedly forged MOUs from Ghost Militants and Standing Payment Order to Banks.

In connivance with one Lt. Col. Okungbure CSO, and their associates, Gen. Boroh allegedly received payments for over 4,000 ghost names N65,000 Monthly Stipends for almost two years to date.

Allegedly backed by General Babagana Mohammed Monguno, the National Security Adviser to President Mohammadu Buhari, the looting has left several Amnesty students stranded home and overseas.

Subscribe to our newsletter gathered that Gen. Boroh boast around how he is an untouchable because he was a classmate to the NSA.

Sources told that recently, Gen. Boroh sacked over fifteen (15) alleged Whistle-Blowers at the Amnesty Office to cover his alleged fraud and corruption.

Gen. Boroh and other top Management Amnesty Officials allegedly paid millions of naira through Amnesty Staffers bank accounts and in-turn ask the Staff to withdraw the funds for them.

In some cases, according to sources, up to N250 Million, N50 Million, N40 Million and so on. Dr. Kenneth Ehigie an Adviser/Assistant to Gen. Boroh was paid a total sum of N800,000,000.00 (N800 Million) in two batches, Ms. Jakadiyar Cham (AKA Regina) until Gen. Boroh sacked/transferred her, was frequently used to retrieve funds from her bank accounts.

According to sources, many Amnesty Staffers personal companies, and their relatives bank accounts were used in this Scam on the orders of Gen. Boroh.

Sources hinted that Gen. Boroh have severally lied to the Presidency and Nigerians about his activities in the Amnesty office.

It was learnt that many Amnesty Students are stranded in United States and in the United Kingdom due to non-payment of their tuition fees ranging from 9 months to 2 Years while the Amnesty Office has received over N70 Billion within this time-frame.

Gen. Boroh allegedly Keep Monies to himself in several accounts than pay the students tuition fees.

The University of Birmingham Alabama, University of Vermont, and several others across the United States and the United Kingdom, universities have refused to issue Niger Delta Amnesty Graduates their Certificates until their tuition fees are paid by the Amnesty Office. investigations reveal that despite the non-stop media coverage showing the recently graduated Amnesty delegates in Nigeria, Gen. Boroh has refused to pay their tuition fees ranging from 9months to 2years.

Amnesty Graduates and other Students were allegedly threatened by Gen. Boroh and one Lt. Col. Okungbure the CSO not to Speak about it or be disenrolled from the Programme.

Amnesty Graduates without Certificates are stranded and crying for help in the United States and the United Kingdom having been abandoned by Gen. Boroh due to Non-Tuition fees Payment from 9 Months to 2years.

Sources hinted that Gen. Boroh expends N5 Billion or N10 Billion within five days for projects that are never accounted for or in the budgets.

According to sources, contracts for Agricultural Training and Empowerment are awarded to his Cronies and in most cases no Niger Delta delegates are deployed to the said training institution while the Company Collects the 15%, 35%, 40%, and 10% payments accordingly.

Sources said over N30 Billion has been spent within 12 months on Agricultural Empowerment for Niger Delta youths and no lands and farms given to the trained Amnesty beneficiaries and no existing beneficiaries.

These funds were allegedly siphoned using the ploy of ghost names as alleged participants of the schemes and using the “Impacted Persons/Communities Projects.”

Another source hinted that the Presidency’s Deputy Chief of Staff Hon. Ade Ipaye was wining and dining with Gen. Boroh in London last month during the Graduation Ceremonies of Amnesty Students in the UK whom their tuition fees were yet to be paid and their certificates withheld. gathered that Gen. Boroh and Lt. Col. Okungbure CSO have been intimidating and sacking or transferring staffers at the Amnesty Office to cover their alleged fraud and corrupt Acts.

Sources said petitions about Gen. Boroh’s alleged fraud, corruption and other atrocities including international money laundering have been sent to the Governments of the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Governments of the European Union and More.


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