Exposed: More Of The Alleged Extravagances Of Governor Lalong While Plateau State Bleeds

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Rather than delivering dividends of democracy to the People of his State, Plateau State Governor Simon Lalong has been lambasted over his continued gallivanting outside the State as well outside the country using the State lean resources to lavish on alleged relaxation, private jet charter, lodging in expensive suites in hotels within and outside the country and purchase of Houses and properties. learnt that prior to the murder of Saf Ron Kurele of Bokkos  the Plateau State Governor was away for a 10-day holiday outside the country but has to cut short his holiday as he made a return to the Plateau for condolence over the death of the monarch.

However, as learnt by this medium after spending not more than three days in the State, he left again, leaving the citizens of the state at the mercy of God.

According to some workers in State who pleaded anonymity, their plights has become difficult as even the banks in the State are at the moment shunning them, some of the workers  told this medium that majority of the banks in the State has refused to grant them normal salary advance as it is before, owing to the fact that their salaries are no more coming as used to be, as such the banks are afraid that if the grant salary advance to the workers, they will find it difficult to get back their money.

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At the moment, the State civil servants are being owed two months’ salary going to the third one, by the end of this month.

Moreover, Farmers in the State are groaning as they have not been able to get fertilizers, gathered that soon after the flag of the fertilizer sale in the State, the fertilizers now has wings as they have disappeared , as it is now out of the reach of the Farmers who needs it urgently for their farms.

It is alleged that the fertilizers rather than being sold to the farmers, it is now seen in the hands of  top Local Government officials, State Government officials as well top officials of the State Ministry of Agriculture, who now hoard the products making it very hard for farmers in the State to get it. learnt in some cases where the fertilizers are seen, it is sold between the range of N7, 000-N8, 000 while in other instances it is even sold at the rate of N15, 000.

The Commissioner for Agriculture is also accused of hobnobbing with top government officials such as Commissioners, Lawmakers as it is alleged that she is hoarding the fertilizers and in turn sells to them.

Meanwhile while the State is under difficult times, the State Governor is alleged to be cruising in Chartered private jets even when he complains that there is no fund in the State. learnt from a close source within the government that on one instance it was alleged that the Governor flew  a Chartered Private Jet from Abuja to Plateau and from Plateau to Kaduna and then from Kaduna  to Abuja and then from Abuja to Lagos, before jetting out of the country to continue his  leave.

It is also alleged that the Governor recently acquired a mansion in Abuja worth 750 million naira, it would also be recalled that sometime last year a Youth wing of a group known as Greater Together For GNS, lambasted the governor’s profligacy and licentious spending since becoming governor of the State, inspite of his claims that the State is in big debt arising from the previous government.

According to the group, they accused governor of running the State with impunity, as it was alleged that that he used the loan acquired to buy landed properties in Jos and Abuja, a scenario which they said it is not what they loan was intended for.

The group also hinted that rather than using the loan accessed to pay salaries and put up developmental projects in the State, the Governor using the state fund to junket and globetrottes within and outside the country.

As if that was not enough, the group alleged that Governor has spent over N30 million on chartered jets, even as he was accused of staying in the penthouse of the Transcorp Hilton Abuja, whenever he is in the Federal Capital Territory.

It would be recalled that sometime the Governor was quoted to have said that his party, the APC which is power at the moment has reduced corruption in the country, but with this alleged garbage around him, it is indeed worrisome to agree with him over that statement.



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