Ex-Plateau Governor Jang Denied Bail, Remanded In Prison By Court

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Yakubu Wuyep

All efforts by the lead defense counsel to secure bail conditions for the two accused persons, Jonah Jang, and Yusuf Gyang Pam at the High Court in Jos could not yield any positive result as Justice Daniel Longji ruled that he can’t use his personal relationship with the Jang to release him on bail.

The Judge order Senator Jonah David Jang and Yusuf Gyang Pam to taken to the state branch of the Nigeria Prison Service for one week pending the determination of the bail applications available before this honourable court .

The former Governor was drove inside space Bus to Prison to spend the rest of a week, when the two Senior Advocate of Nigeria, argued on their applications seeking to grant the former Governor and the cashier to secretary to Plateau state government.

The Prosecution counsel, Rotimi Jacobs SAN, told the court base on their application dated 14 -05-2018 before this honourable court we hereby arraigned the two accused persons before this honourable court.

The two accused persons listen to the judge to allow the Registrar of court to read the charges either in English language when the former Governor said ,by the grace of God in can speak English .

However, when the 12 changes were read to the two accused persons they all pleaded not guilty to the accusations of frauds dated 26-03-2008 were the sum 2billion release by SURE-P for the benefits of small Microsoft loan to small enterprises was diverted and misappropriation under section 315 of the northern penal court of criminal act but plead not guilty.

The second, That you Former Governor Jonah Jang and cashier Mr Yusuf Gyang Pam on the 26th April, 2015 misappropriation of 2bilion punishable under section 209 of northern penal applicable to Plateau state. Jang /Pam plead not guilty to the crime each .

3 That you former Governor Jonah Jang and cashier Mr Yusuf Gyang Pam on the April, 2008 squandered the total sum of 2.7 billion naira as part of SURE-P which is committed the crime each under section 315 of northern penal court and is applicable to Plateau state law.

4 That you former Governor Jonah Jang and cashier Mr Yusuf Gyang Pam on the match, 2008 diverted 2.37 billion naira to personal account for use punishable under section 309 of northern penal code law and Plateau state law.

5 That you former Governor Jonah Jang and cashier to SSG misappropriation the SURE-P funds main for small enterprises 4.4 billion naira committed the crime each under section 119 of the crime act .

6 That you former Governor Jonah Jang now senator representing Plateau Northern constituency and cashier Mr Yusuf Gyang Pam you diverted another 4.4 billion to your private account each punishable under section 309 penal code law

7 The first accused while as a Governor in 2015 use his position conferred on him defraud government under independent corrupt practices and cashier Mr Yusuf Gyang Pam when funds was released by CBN the sum of 2 billion naira for sure-p .

8 That the first accused person on January ,to May with SSG cashier committed criminal act of diverting money laundering.

9 That you the cashier Mr Yusuf Gyang Pam on April, 11 ,2014 use your private account to transfer cash amount of money punishable under ICPC actv.

10 Yusuf Gyang Pam the cashier on March, 2015 under section 19 of the ICPC diverts 1million which very punishable under ICPC act of corruption and other related cases

11 You Yusuf Gyang Pam also used his office to transfer the small enterprises money amounted to 500,000 .00

12 That you the cashier Mr Yusuf Gyang Pam under bridge of public trust transfer 10million which very punishable under ICPC act of corruption section 315 penal code law of northern Nigeria.

Counsel to the defense ,Robert Clarek says the application for bail was to reenforcement his commitment to speedy trial to applied for the two applications for bail dated 14-05-2018 which replace with the earlier applications dated 8-05 -2018 filed 9-05-2018 one for the first and second accused persons .

However ,I apply to withdraw the two applications which was not objected by the prosecution counsel ,SAN ,Rotimi Jacobs and the two applications were stroke out and he presented fresh applications dated 14-05-2018 filed same day.

The High profile suit filed by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC ,on Wednesday came up for hearing and presentation of bail conditions to the Former Governor, Senator representing Plateau Northern senatorial districts of Plateau state.

The premises of the State High Court 5 was full to capacity with family ,friends and Party associate of Sen. Jonah David Jang were security personnel overrun the entrance in solidarity and sympathetic to his long detained in EFCC custody .

The Former Governor was accused of alleged money laundering and misappropriation of SURE-P to the sum of 6.3 billion few weeks to the exist of the Governor tenure while his core accuser transfer such huge amount of money into his private account .

The accused persons were arraigned for diversion and misappropriation of the public funds main for the development of projects in the state.

However, the counsel to Independent Crime And Prosecution Council ,ICPC has seeks the honourable court to stroke out their application which is consider as duplication of work .

The Prosecuting Counsel to ICPC ,Barr. Adeshino Ranee pray to withdraw his application after discussion with the EFCC resolve their stand the charges should withdraw .

The presiding Judge ,Justice Daniel Longji has granted the application by stroking out the case brought by ICPC prosecution counsel.

The Former Governor who is a current serving Senator was led into High Court 5 in company of 4 EFCC personnel after mentioning two matter one Bokkos Traditional council and withdrawal suit by ICPC prosecution counsel to harmonize all the charges.


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