Ex-Plateau Commissioner, Abubakar Mohammed List Jang’s Achievements, Says Lalong May not Achieve Much As Jang

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Today, I have the privilege to be alive and have the honor to write for the benefit of all Plateau people. It is said that the essence of Governance is service to the People through provision of basic amenities. In other words adding value to the existence of Humanity.

I didn’t want to put this write up at this time knowing fully well we are still mourning the demise of Dr Wummen Lalong on the Plateau which resulted to the postponement in commencement of some infrastructural development by the Government of Plateau State as a mark of respect for his lost. May his Soul Rest In Peace once again Amin .

But it is now necessary to do so because these infrastructural developments have commenced in various locations on the Plateau, Kudos to Governor Simon Lalong and his Team. In as much as I commend the efforts of the Present administration’s intention to carry out the said project I have to say that I have my reservations on the intent to carry out the projects at this time, but time will tell if I may be proved wrong.

It is on record that this administration spends more than 29 Months of it 48 Months to live, meaning it has lived close to 2/3 of its Mandate and Contract with the People of Plateau.

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In my own conviction, it is said the ability of the runner to win the race depends on how he step on the spring board as he begins the race ,which I think the present team on the Plateau did not step well on the board because I doubt if it can complete and commission the projects it embarked within the time limit of its contract with the People of Plateau.

In as much as I don’t make comparisons between Administrations because they all have their different circumstances of existence ,I give Jonah David Jang pass mark for initiating and completing the following projects during his first term in office 2007-2011,

* Dengi – Wase road with a mighty bridge at Yipmong

* Jibam bridge * Shendam – Kalum road

* Zamko – Mabudi road * Kabong flyover bridge

* ASTC projects * Dokan Tofa – Ba’ap road

* 85km township roads in 17LGA headquarters

* Ibrahim Taiwo – Farin Gada dual carriage road.

* Plateau Geographic Information Service Center

*Marraban Jamaa-Haipang airport dual carriage way

* Lamingo -bisichi bypass * Rikkos -lamingo dual carriage road

* Yanshanu new road Jos North

*Zam Zam road Rikkos Jos North among too numerous others to mention which were commissioned in October 2010 by President Goodluck Jonathan.

In the light of the above, I’m calling on the present Administration on the Plateau to prove me wrong before the completion of their term in 2019 by completing and commissioning the projects they initiated and embarked upon. I pray that the Almighty Allah leaves me alive for me to be proved wrong or vindicated.

Mr Governor, I hope you will prove me wrong. Once again I remain grateful for the gift of life.

Thank you very much for your time .

Abubakar Muhammad Badu

Former Commissioner of Information Plateau State

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