Ex-Minister Dalung For Sports Blames Tarok Politicians For Betraying Their People

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Yakubu Busari


The former Minister for Sports, Youth Development, Barr. Solomon Selcap Dalung has blamed the Tarok politicians as political traitors who are misleading their people under the clanish politics of blacklisting others through money bags.



Dalung made this disclosure at the resettlement Day over the weekend ,raising concerned that politics of bitterness and characters assassination has infiltrated the Tarok nation by calling on people of Tarok race to shun bitterness against each other .


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However, 72nd celebration went agog witness millions of sons and daughters of Langtang South Local Government Area of Plateau State had their 72nd Celebration of 2020 Resettlement Day which was held at Sabongida, the Traditional Headquarters of the Local Government.


Solomon Dalung  called on governor Simon Lalong administration o consider Langtang South in his key appointment as a matter   justice to the people of area .


Dalung explained that for over decades that Langtang South has been denied so many  infrastructural development.


The ex-minister, cautioned politicians to stop negotiations of people birthrights for their self-centered interests. “We will continues to demands and asking for Justice to our people. “for those who believed and negotiated our rights, we want to tell them that no, rights cannot be negotiated, we are a people, and we are part of the Nigerian Federation and the government must be fair to us”. He said.


Barrister Dalung said, as a people we loves the Governor and supported him to succeed but let the Governor do justice to Langtang South. According to ex-minister, that the government has abandoned the local government with strategic appointment and infrastructural development even with general hospital to maintenance of health challenges in the community. “How many of the Langtang South citizens are holding strategic appointment in the state government?” There is none! And the state government wanted us to be quite? Absolutely no, you wanted us to celebrate you? Absolutely no! Mr. Governor do justice to us, we loves you but do justice to us “. He lamented.


The Minister explained that Tarok people are not conquered by the White people during colonization period. According to him, the White people came and negotiated how to run the affairs of administration with Tarok people, how then that the black administration wanted Tarok people to relinquished their Birthright’s now. ” He asked.


The ex-minister who built Federal Stadium and constructed Dam in Sabongida, as part of his contributions as a sports minister, he explained that he built 6 class rooms block for his community with his earnings and the Plateau State Government came and recommissioned it. ” The six classrooms blocks that the government came and recommissioned it this year, I built it with my money, after commissioned it last year, government came this year and commissioned it again “. “Why wouldn’t government built another six classrooms  blocks and commission?” We are asking for Justice Your excellency, we loves you but do justice to us “. If you don’t do justice to us, then you hates us. Dalung said.


The Chairman of the Occasion, Hon John Dafuwan who was represented by the former Management Committee Chairman, Hon Brain Dadi thanked the former Minister for the wonderful development he brought in the locality. ” we are grateful to Barrister Dalung for bringing so many developmental projects in Langtang South, which we boldly see and pointed it tangibly “. As a people we are proud of his laudable contributions in the locality” he said.


Justice is Paramount for the peace and progression of any given society. Barrister Dalung said, he will continues to demands and asking for Justice even at the judgment day. ” For me I will continues to asks for Justice even when I die my corpse will be taken to the grave,  I would still ask for Justice to Langtang South, even before God Almighty, I would still ask for Justice “.


For the unity of Tarok Nation and Plateau State,  Barrister Dalung called on citizens to love one another and give maximum support to the leadership. He charged his fellow compatriots to pray and support the local government chairmen who are so close to the people at the grassroots for development. Dalung appreciated the efforts of the executive chairman, hon. Mutum Rims for initiating road project in the locality. He however charged him to do more for the benefit of the masses.


Langtang South is rich with abundance resources including minerals resources such as golds and diamonds. The locality also has fertile land for agricultural production where rice, yam, groundnut and maize are being produced in large quantity in the local government area which is one of the major source of food production to Nigeria as a country. Unfortunately, the local government is lacking so many infrastructural facilities including the basis amenities such as waters, power and health care system.


The Governor, Barrister Simon Bako Lalong promised Langtang South people that the governor will build modern secondary school in the community and will ensure completion of the general hospital which is under construction in Mabudi.


The Chairman of the Locality, Hon Mutum Rims thanked his people for maintaining of law and orders. He also appreciated the efforts of the ex-minister, Barrister Dalung for bringing so many developmental projects in Sabongida. He however, appealed that Dalung should extend citing of any available project to another area to balance development in the locality. He then thanked the Governor for keying his vision into action in the local government area.


May God bless Tarok Nation and Plateau State of Nigeria.

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