Ethiopian Airlines Apologizes To Consumer Protection Council Over Poor Service

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Following a complaint filed by the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) on the ill treatment meted out to passengers of Ethiopian Airlines on Saturday, May 18, 2013 at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja, the airline has apologized to the affected passengers through the Council.
The Council’s letter was based on several complaints received from passengers of the said flight, particularly those of the Business Class on poor service delivery.

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The airline, in a reaction to the Council’s complaint, tendered its deep apologies to the Council and all the affected passengers, blaming the shoddy service to the passengers of the affected flight to its system failure.
Ethiopian Airlines, in its letter of apology, signed by Aschalew Endale, said “on this specific date all the system that we are using was interrupted for a week due to network connection problem”, disclosing that an attempt at solving the problem in good time with its system support staff did not achieve much because of the seriousness of the failure.
On the faulty weighing scale, the airlines said: “As you may know the airport at Abuja is under renovation and the weighing scale at the check in counter is not working due to the on-going renovation process. The airline has provided a separate scale till the renovation process is finalized”.
Commenting on the reported rude and antagonistic attitude of its staff to the affected passengers, the airline stated “we have given strict orientation and briefing by giving strong consideration to your recommendation on the letter.”
CPC had, its letter, recommended training of all the airline’s staff on acceptable service delivery in line with the contractual obligations of the airline and international best practices, stressing that “at all times, staff of ET must display expected courtesy and professionalism in their duty both in the normal course and during crisis situations”.
Abiodun Obimuyiwa
Deputy Director (Public Relations)
Consumer Protection Council (CPC)

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