Engr.Marcus Gunduri:A Natural Philantrophist By Tom Garba, Yola

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Princes master their feelings by fulfilling their duties to humanity while others in silence bow down and accept a destiny that oppresses them.
But for Engr Marcus Gunduri who is from a humble home, he has learned to take his destiny into his hand, despite the rough and  tough roads he followed to be what he is today,a Man with difficult beginning that led him to have a fulfilled ending.
As tender as young as he was  in the  family of Malam Gundiri of Gashala village in Hong LGA  of Adamawa state, the young Marcus knows too well the inherent challenges that lie ahead of him.
He is the teenager whose near Spartan upbringing only helped to shape his future. Hence, he left nothing to chance in pursuit of Western education. Today, he is a renowned and celebrated Engineer with an  international reputable standard of practice. Despite these accomplishments, the erudite scholar and a relentless philanthropist to the cause of life would not want to flaunt this.
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For him,Giving is a nature of his personality and serving human beings in the full sense of  humility remains his slogan.In this edition, the story of Engineer Gunduri Marcus is akin to a man who rose from zero to hero and who wants to take the people of Adamawa state to greater heights.
Young Marcus cut his philanthropist hubby when he completed his primary school and discovered that to live a meaningful is for him to further his education where he can be better positioned to help human beings of all races,as a village Boy Gundiri farm products are meant to help the needy and the less privilege, a good virtue of a tiny attitude he turned as a hubby that degenerated into a giant habit of rescued.
Before becoming a renowned politician Engr Marcus life is more of serving humanity through his hard earned income which to him “all he had is being given to him by God and he owe God an obedient when he do not give it back to him, it is an obligation to him to help people around with little or much he had.
Being a benevolent man by nature the insurgent  attacks bedevilling the North east Nigeria in the recent times showed more of him when his root-Gashala was being overrun by insurgent attacks and the first of its kind in Hong LGA Marcus became restless and could hesitate than to rush to his own kings men and kindred to unleash his gifts and sympathy to them.Thus uncommon qualities of him earned him a great love and respect for many people in Adamawa State.
Recently, the incessant attacks of Book Haram in Adamawa state that displaced thousands of people in the northern Nigeria have drawn the attention of government,  both local and international,it also drawn the attention of well spirited individuals, donor agencies like NEMA, UN etc but Marcus was the first to might have visited all the various camps located in Yola with millions of Naira worth of relieved materials donated to the IDPs with a monthly periodic visit in all the camps.
Only a few days ago Engineer Gundiri saw a serious need to visit those camps outside the designated provided by the Adamawa state government,the camps where are mostly over crowded that warranted individuals to be sheltering hundreds of IDPs in their various homes he then became bored to go round those houses to help them with many  relieve materials worth millions of naira.”all my life I had wanted to impact positively on the lives of people
Engineer Marcus, not as wealthy as one would have imagined. But he’s ready to share the little he has when he sees one in need. A man of his words, Gundiri is peace personified, a giver by nature and also a contented man who doesn’t believe that stealing public funds for his personal use can ever make him rich. He believes in matching responsibility with accountability.
He is a strong believer, who prefers to empower and invest in lives through knowledge, like he had always done in the past and he would do in the future if given the opportunity to be the governor of Adamawa state.A man who would not want to blow his trumpet. He is a quiet performer and silent achiever.

He is married and blessed with children.

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