#EndSars: Fuel Scarcity Surfaces In Abuja

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Long queues hit across petrol stations as most fuel stations are shut in Abuja.

Many Fuel stations were shut across the capital city on Tuesday, including some NNPC retail stations.


Most of the stations were shut from Monday evening. As of the close of work on Monday, no fuel station was selling to motorists along the Kubwa and airport expressway except Shema at the Katempe area of the city.


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In Maitama only FO station was opened. The station was also dispersing in the Jabi Area of the FCT. Oando, Total, A.Y Ashafa, A.A. Rano and most of the leading marketers in the city did not open to motorists.


The development, which has created traffic gridlock across locations where fuel is sold, has also led to the emergence of black marketers, who are already selling a litre for N250 against the official pump price of N160.


It was also observed that marketers, who were selling at N158 per litre have already adjusted their meter upward although most of them sell within the stipulated price band, capped around N160.


It is Rumoured that the prevailing situation in the country, especially the #endsars protest disrupted supply and left losses for marketers.


Vice President of IPMAN, Abubakar Shettima, said apart from the fact that some fuel stations were shut as a result of fear of attack by hoodlums, most trucks are stranded across depots in Lagos.

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