Emir Bauchi Admonishes Traditional Rulers Against Communal Land Dispute With Their Neighbors

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Yakubu Busari

His Royal Highness the Emir of Baluchi ,HRH, Dr Rulwanu Adamu Suleiman has admonished the newly sworn-in Traditional ruler of Bijim (I RU ma pada Bijim ) to be an ambassador of peace to accommodate all the ethnic tribes under his custody in protecting lives and property of people.

His Royal Highness Suleiman gave this advised during the coronation ceremony of Sarki Pada Bijim, HRH Joseph Maina at his Palace in Bauchi state on the 24 April, 2017 .

He said the new title of Sarki Pada Bijim was given to you to encourage and function effectively in bridging mutual respect amongst the peace loving people of Baluchi state Emirates council which was handed over to you by your fore fathers who were honest and transparent to everyone.

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The Emir said, “I remind you that this traditional stool that is handed over to you today was the fulfillments of laws and tradition of understanding between the Emirates council and Bijim which is the long history of our people”.

He urged the New Bijim traditional father to ensure that peace reign in his domain by accommodating everybody including those tribes that settled as their neighbors to avoid land dispute.

His Royal Highness preached mutual respect and peaceful coexistence amongst the people of Bauchi state considering the critical period Nigeria is now undergoing by cautioning his subjects against inflammatory comments capable bring crises .

Suleiman challenged them in Bauchi state to respect high ranking of traditional stools not rush taking any dispute to higher authority or to court but to ensure they exalted all other avenue before going to approach court.

His Royal Highness, Joseph Main a thanked the Emir of Bauchi state for finding him worthy to serve as the custodian of Bijim speaking native of the area which history bestow on all the sons and daughters of Bauchi.

He appreciated the Hakimi, Mere in Tafawa Balewa Local Government Council for the shows of love including the village head of Tapchin for rally round to offer his fatherly love and support.

Main called on his people to support administration of the Governor Abubakar and President Muhammadu Buhari so as to enjoin the dividend of democracy enshrine in the constitution of Nigeria.

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