Emergency Rule : Military Wants Nyako, Geidam And Shettima Suspended

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The Security Council Meeting scheduled for Wednesday would consider suspending the governors of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states, with a view to imposing total emergency rule. This would entail the suspension of all democratic structures in the affected states, should the idea sail through.
Officially, the emergency rule ended at the weekend, but the military authorities have asked President Goodluck Jonathan to extend it, since the war against the insurgency is far from over.

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According to a top ranking officer in the military, the security chiefs had indicted some top politicians and elite in the Northeast, for sabotaging the ongoing operations against the insurgents and wanted the governors and Houses of Assembly in the affected states suspended while the operations lasted.
“The politicians and elite, including the governors in those states, are working against our programme; their unguarded utterances are daring the insurgents. They seem to have known the agenda of the insurgents and they are always ready to defend them. For example, whenever these criminals attack, killing innocent people, these politicians would blame us and whenever we are able to locate their hideouts and smoke them out, they would be out accusing us of killing innocent Nigerians. This is why some of us are of the opinion that suspending them while the emergency rule lasts is the best option,” the officer said.
Speaking further, he made reference to Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno and Murtala Nyako of Adamawa and a serving senator, as being part of the alleged sabotage.
“These politicians are making our job difficult, you don’t even know on whose side they are. But from all indications, they are not supporting our operations. One of the governors the other time said the insurgents were better armed than our troops. Just this weekend, I was reading the rubbish Nyako was saying, accusing the military of being responsible for the killings being done by those criminals.
“I don’t blame Governor Nyako for saying all that rubbish. If those governors had been suspended from office, as was the practice during the Obasanjo era; most of the problems we are facing in those states are coming from the governors there. They are contributing more to the problems we are facing.”
A presidency source, who corroborated our military source, explained further that the Security Council would consider all options available before taking a decision.
“It is true some are calling for the suspension of the governors and the Houses of Assembly in the three states, but that is not the only option or suggestion, we still have others. For example, some are calling for the full implementation of the Anti-Terrorism Act and if that is accepted, the democratic structures remain. If I may let you know, President Jonathan wants them be (sic). The problem is some of their activities that are not helping the counter-insurgent operations and I think we could still manage it.”

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