Education Minister, Wike Replies His Ikwere Kinsmen

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  • Says Hon. Uchendu Is A Drowning Man

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Minister of State for Education, Nyesom Wike has responded to his Ikwere people for lampooning him over his 2015 governorship ambition. The beleaguered Education Minister asserts that Hon. Andrew Uchendu is a drowning man who is also eager to draw anyone with him.
In response to Hon. Andrew Uchendu’s condemnation of Wike, the Secretary General of Wike’s political platform known as Grassroots Development Initiative, Hon Samuel Nwanosike, said the statement by Andrew Uchendu can be seen as a raving of a drowning grandpa.

Responding, Hon Nwanosike, asked Hon. Uchenduch to state anywhere the constitution of the country said it is wrong for someone who is qualified including the Minister to be governor of Rivers State, while adding that;  “Chief Uchendu is the wrong person to talk about zoning of elective office because he has not lived by example. If he did, why  did he not relinquish the House of Representative slot to Ikwerre Local Government the way his predecessor Engr Appolos Amadi did after one term? Instead, Uchendu kept the office to himself for three solid terms. At that time, he saw nothing wrong with one man from one section of the constituency holding on to office for 12 years to the exclusion of all others.”
On the issue of whether or not Wike will make those who want to destroy Obio/Akpor sore, Wike’s Secretary said for Uchendu to have leaped to the ring in order to satisfy his master Governor Amaechi, then he has purely divulged that he is one of those who want to obliterate Obio/Akpor. He said; “By that admission, does he expect the Obio/Akpor people to fold their hands and watch Uchendu and his collaborators destroy the LGA? Those who have no intention to destroy Obio/Akpor have nothing to worry about what the Minister said because the statement is qualified.”
According to him, Uchendu is man who is seeking for soft landing in order to run way from the anger of the people of Emohua and Ikwerre LGAs, whom he said he has  cheated by his poor representation of them in the House of Representatives for 12 years.
Adding further he asserts; “He should address the press on his records of achievement for 12 years and say which of the road projects given to him by the Amaechi government that he executed or failed to execute. Has he forgotten the Odoha road that he abandoned after collecting so much money from his master Chibuike Amaechi.”
Speaking on the issue, he said we advise this grandpa who claims to be a member of Ikwerre Youth Movement (IYM)  to remove the log in his eyes so that he can see the speck in other people’s eyes, wondering how long he thinks he and Amaechi can continue to deceive the people.

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