Ebola Virus Scare In Anambra: State Government Seals Off Hospital

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Anambra commissioner of Health Josephat Akabuike, today announced that a hospital in the state has been sealed off and its workers and patients quarantined owing to Ebola diseas scare.

Addressing journalists in Awka the State Capital he said measure being taken was due to the information received by the State government that a man whose body was brought back from Liberia at the weekend, might have died of the killer disease. He according to the state government information available to them indicated that the body was brought back from Liberia through Lagos and deposited in the mortuary at Nkwelle-Ezenaka in Oyi Local Government of the state.
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Speaking he said; “Part of the briefing is to tell you what we are doing to make sure we don’t allow the deadly virus to come into the state.
“What actually called for this is that we have a report that a corpse was brought through Lagos and the deceased was said to have been taken from Liberia where of course you know there are cases of the disease.
“The corpse was said to have been brought to Nigeria and deposited somewhere in Nkwelle-Ezunaka and the ministry was alerted and that is why we are taking all these measures.”
The commissioner said that Governor Willie Obiano had already directed the Police Command in the state to cordon off the place until the necessary tests were carried out.
He further said that Federal Government had also sent medical experts from the Federal Ministry of Health, Abuja, to Anambra to carry out the test at the hospital premises.
He said the informant who he described as “a good citizen” was aware of the effects of the Ebola disease in Liberia and as a matter of fact was responding to the announcements the state government had been making since the disease became public knowledge.

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