Drama As Bauchi Governor Closes Facebook Account For Fear Of Criticisms

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Governor-elect-Mohammed-AbubakarBauchi Governor Mohammed Abubakar, has closed down his Facebook account, this medium learnt he closed his Facebook account owing to the fear of being criticised.

The Facebook Account with the name Barrister M A Abubakar, was used by the governor during his electioneering campaign.

According to close sources, the governor most times before he won election operated the Facebook account by himself.

He used the social media account to reach many people of Bauchi whereby he sold his ideas to them.

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However, the source told this medium that since after the winning election and having assumed power, he has faced lots of criticism from friends on Facebook, the criticism universalreporters247.com gathered are as a result of the misgivings of his tenure in the last two months plus in office, some which the people are not okay with.

“Majority of the persons from Bauchi that he added as friends on the Facebook account that he has now deleted, will always tag him on the majority of issues that concerns his government, especially the ones that they feel he is not doing well, so with the barrage of criticism pouring in, in their numbers, and with the fears of this criticisms he quickly closed the account,” the source said.

As learnt by this medium he was advised by his friends to close the account, so ward off criticisms from the people of Bauchi.

As it stands up till now, the governor has not even appointed a spokesperson for himself or even the government.

  1. Yakubu Adamu says


    I’m quiet amazed that i am taking time to respond to a junk news site with a junk news Headline. Instead of you to be mad at the 16 unruitful years the PDP bastardised and crumbled the country’s educational sectas a result of which institutions produced people as daft as the slowpoke behind this piece, whom in all honesty have issues with tenses and sentence structures, you are publicising how bereft of ideas your brain is, to the viewing of the whole world. What nonsense!

    So you want us to believe the Governor deactivated his FB account to wave off criticisms as if that will by implication deactivate the accounts of all his critiques ? How logical does that sound? And you expect a normal thinking homo sapien to make sense out of this?

  2. Shehu says

    I like it

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