Dr. Danjuma Adamu Dabo: The rich that subsidizes the poor in the midst of recession

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Haruna Mohammed Salisu

It has been established long overdue especially in a capitalist driven society that profit maximization is and will remain the major concern of the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisies hoodwink the poor; extort them, using different tools at their disposal for their economic, social and political benefit. Their ultimate goal is to continue to dominate, pervert, vilify at the feet of the mammon, most at times for dubious ends.

Dr Danjuma Adamu Dabo is a business man, a politician, School Proprietor and a philanthropist; you may call him a decent bourgeois. His Al’furqan International Academy in Bauchi is one singular private school that cuts its tuition fee to allow parents cope with the current economic challenges.  The economic recession brewing the country has forced many business entities including schools to increase prices of commodities and school fees. These increases in the prices of goods and services (school fees inclusive) no doubt rest on the shoulders of the less privilege.

Like I mentioned earlier, a typical venture capitalist whose quest is continued maximization of profit will see the misnomer as an opportunity to make more money at the detriment of the poor, but Dr. Dabo refused to do that, instead, he cuts fees to subsidize the poor and without compromising standard.

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Al’Furqan International Academy remains one of the best private schools in Bauchi. It is not only affordable and equipped with modern and state of the art facilities, but remains the only private school in the metropolis that trains its teachers regularly on modern teaching methods aimed at improving the quality of education in the state.

The amiable Dr. Dabo wittingly pays huge amount of money to get his teachers trained just as he deliberately defied being swayed by the craze for money to exploit his teachers. His academy has good salary package for its teachers, which education experts believe will go a long way in motivating them to deliver well.

Unarguably, no private school is well structured, well equipped, well disciplined and well managed to continue to unleash better education by training its students in the whole of the metropolis like Al’furqan International Academy. The school drills its students by culminating both western and Islamic education.

Dabo’s work and enthusiasm has always been tied around developing his society particularly by encouraging the common folks to embrace education, and like I have always argued, any sensible society whose interest is development will always take education seriously.  I have equally argued consistently that in a society housed with criminals, saboteurs, and corrupt elements looting our country , failure to recognized and appreciate honest, decent and detribalized individuals is itself a crime.  Dr. Dabo is no doubt one. And for the first time in the state, his academy is the only Private School that has a well equipped modern clinic meant to cater for the health needs of its students, teachers and locals around the vicinity.

It was glaring however that, despite the current economic hardship in the country, Dabo has continued to subsidize the poor in many fronts; he has sponsored many children and youths to many schools, sponsored many widows and divorcees to get married, trained many youths on different business and entrepreneurial works and has demonstrated zero tolerance for laxity, laziness and corrupt tendencies.

His business and entrepreneurship skills, has entrenched in him a culture of empowering youths by providing a conducive atmosphere and the nitty-gritty to get them trained in different business engagements, spending millions in that capacity . His enduring Contributions in empowering youths particularly in the face of economic retardation and rising unemployment has put smiles on the faces of many who would have been unemployment and remains vulnerable and agents to be used by dubious politicians for destructions. Dr. Dabo refused to be a self-centred business man, he has trained and integrated many youths into his businesses and defeated his self-ego to demonize by putting communal interest above his personal ones, an attitude that is lacking today especially among politicians and business men and women whose interests override that of their societies.

In recognition of his stewardship and generosity, the  state government which is also encouraged by his exquisite, carefully thought out and well articulated policies in manning his businesses and philanthropic activities has appointed Dr Dabo as Board Chair to man the state college of education in Azare.

His interest in serving humanity started right from his school days. As a student and young activist at the Kaduna Polytechnic where he bagged Higher National Diploma in Accountancy, Dr. Dabo in his guest for social justice has held several positions in students’ unionism, provided purposeful leadership and became a point of admiration among many of his former school mates.

His comradeship has grown bigger and will continue to linger, for he has transmogrified it in a more modern and humanistic way by providing succour to the common man on the street. The developmental policies and programmes that are glaringly evident in some of the projects he has executed for the mean time is enough testimony.

The incorruptible politician who doubles as business man is relentlessly pushing harder to complement the effort of the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari by complying and taking a step further to implement programmes that have direct bearing on the lives of the people, this he has done by investing huge money in training youths across nook and crannies of the state.

His effort and selfless services to the people has not gone unrewarded, for he has received several honorary awards and certificates from within and outside the country too numerous to mention. Alhaji Dr. Abdullahi Danjuma Dabo, you have earned my respect, and of many; may you continue to live in peace, health and wealth to continue to emancipate lives from bondage, servitude and despondency.

Haruna Mohammed Salisu writes from Bauchi. He can be reach at 08063180608, @haruna_babale or [email protected]

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