Don’t Strip Police Service Commission Of Its Powers To Regulate And Control The Police-PSC

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The Police Service Commission, PSC, has advised the National Assembly, against whittling down the powers of the commission to regulate and control the Nigerian Police Force.


Besides, the House of Representatives has pleaded with State Assemblies of the thirty-six states of the federation, to adopt the key proposed amendments to the 1999 Constitution, as the Christian Association of Nigeria called for 70% derivation for oil and other mineral resource-producing states of the country.


The bodies, made their separate submissions at the Zonal Public Hearing of the House of Representatives Committee on Review of the 1999 Constitution in South-South, coverings Rivers, Cross River and Akwa Ibom States, chaired and anchored by Minority Whip of the House, Rep. Gideon Gwani(Kaduna-PDP).

In a memorandum submitted to the Special Committee at the Uyo Centre, the PSC appealed to the National Assembly, to retain Its powers of regulation of the Police in the country, to maintain law and order and curtail excesses in insecurity.


The Commission opined that with the enormous powers of the Police as enshrined in the Constitution, they also needed an equally power regulator to check their possible excesses.


“The fact that the Police, among other security agencies, have the greatest interaction with the public; thus it has been opined that there is need for a civilian oversight body in the Police, because of the enormous power entrusted on the body biz-a-viz the daily activities of the citizens.


“High awareness on Human Rights and a ready Demand for it; Police Funds are derives from the public; good oversight body is essential for an effective and efficient Police Force.


“Accordingly, the Committee is invited to note as follows: The Constitutional provisions on the power and functions of the Commission as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution is the strongest pillar that upholds the existence and oversight powers of the body.


“Instead of an amendment, this power, should be further strengthened to safeguard the citizens from abuses that may arise from the misuse of Police power.


“A strong civilian oversight body like the Police Service Commission will serve as panacea to the recurrence of civil disobedience such as ENDSARS protest. The erosion of power if allowed, will have an adverse effect on other executive bodies with similar functions and powers which may give rise to a constitutional crisis”, the body through a memorandum signed by Ismail’s Abubakar, it’s Permanent Secretary, warned.


On its part, the Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN), in a memo submitted and signed its President, Rev. Samson Ayokunle, said to ensure an effective federalist State, 70 % of revenue derived from resources of states, should go to them, while the federal government should retain only 30% of same.


“We therefore, propose that the Review of the 1999 Constitution shall include: Revenue allocation and sharing formula guided by the principles of sustenance and benefits to sources of derivation, that is, 70% retained by Region and 30% for the Central level.


“Regions shall endeavor to handle their 70% in a manner that shall reflect 10% for revenue generation for source/community. 13% to the LGA in-charge of jurisdiction, 25% for the state and the remaining 22% for the Region/Zone”.


In his closing remarks at the hearing, Rep. Gwani, appealed to the masses in all states, to pressure their respective state assemblies, to unlike the past, adopt the key proposed amendments from stakeholders, for the process of producing a better constitution, to be achieved.


He said the parliament has continued to bring up the process, because of past rejection of salient amendments by State a Houses of Assembly.

Source: Vanguard

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