We Have To Detach Religion From Politics

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It is very unbecoming to see that people are hiding behind religion and attacking the personality of people of other faith just for political selfishness and darkness of ignorance. I was shocked when I see some quarrelsome posts on social media platform posted by some unscrupulous people in Bauchi State, where in their wildest stupidity launched attack of hatred on the speaker House of Representatives Honourable Yakubu Dogara.

Out of shame, they publically criticise his tribe and religion all in their attempts to please their master who is at logger head with the speaker. This is very wrong and against the teaching of the two giant religions in Nigeria (Islam and Christianity). When we are talking about politics, religion of whatever type should be kept aside just to preserve its sacredness.

Remember, Nigeria is said to be a secular state which means the affairs of running the government is not being controlled by either of the religions we practice. But the constitution allow every citizen to practice the religion he chooses and worship whatever diety(s) he believes in, once the practice will never be a threat to citizens and the country.

We have to understand that Nigeria’s political system was copied from the western worlds who separated between politics and and religion. Non of the political parties initial or alphabets were driven from any of the Holy scriptures.

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As a Muslim, I know that in the Holy Qur’an,  Allah SWT says, “…WA QULU LIN NAASI HUSNAA…” Meaning that “…and you shall speak kindly to all people…” Here, the Almighty Allah call us to speak good to all humanity without exception. So why do we follow our negative desires to cause political problems among ourselves? Why we are not promoting peace?

I was not Pro Dogara and I may not be. I am just trying to call our youths to do away with divisive politics. I have heard him where he repeatedly said it that he has no ambition to contest for senator talk less of governor.

Being Dogara from minority tribe and religion in Bauchi State doesn’t mean he lacks the constitutional rights to stand for either of the above mentioned seats. But he never proclaimed it.

All I noticed is that some devils, mischievous callous and unwanted elements in the state are sponsored to add more fuel to the existing fire of animosity currently burning within the dead-like APC ruling party in the state just to cover off their insincerity and continue to treat people like beast of burden. God forbid.

God Bless APC!

God Bless Bauchi State!!

God Bless Nigerian!!!


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