Desert Herald Publisher, Mamu Writes IGP Arase

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  • Says forgery allegation is conspiracy with the Police
  • Demands ex-FCT Minister, Bala and Bomoi’s probe
  • Says Court Order must be respected by the Police

Desert Herald Publisher Tukur Mamu

12th November, 2015

The Inspector General of Police,

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Luis Edet House,

Abuja, Nigeria


The Commissioner of Police,

Monitoring Unit,

Force Headquarters,


Re: Case of Certificate Forgery and Cheating against Tukur Mamu

Complaint of Criminal Defamation, Blackmail, Conspiracy with the Police against me

An open letter of the above subject matter by a phantom group that called itself ADVOCATES AGAINST CORRUPTION to your good office was widely circulated online and in many national dailies on 11th and 12th November, 2015. The purpose of the highly misleading and criminally distorted contents of the publication is to put pressure on your good office to act with impunity and disregard the ongoing litigation on the matter in which the Police was ordered by a Court of competent jurisdiction to stay ANY action on the matter pending the determination of the substantive suit I filled against the Police and the actual sponsors of the fraud (Sen. Bala Abdulkadir Muhammad, Ibrahim Bomoi, Jamila Tangaza and Barr. Joe Kyari Gadzama).

For the record, your good office may recall that I have copied it a letter with the caption REQUEST FOR A FORMAL PRESS RELEASE/LETTER TO CONFIRM MY STATUS/CALLING FOR INVESTIGATION ON MY MISSING FILE which I wrote to the Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria on 25th April, 2014 and duly delivered to the office of then IGP, MD Abubabar, through DHL. The purpose of sending that letter to ABU, Zaria then was because Bala Abdulkadir Muhammad and Ibrahim Bomoi through their paid agents conspired and stole my academic record file at the Postgraduate School. The campaign of calumny against me then by the duo through an illegal and unregistered association they sponsored (COALITION OF CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATIONS IN NIGERIA), after they successfully made away with my file from the Postgraduate School, were that I forged ABU’s Masters Degree Certificate and NEVER attended the programme. They later claimed in sponsored publications when I was in detention at the Force CID in September 2013 on the instruction of the former FCT minister, Bala Muhammad, that even the secondary school result I used in securing my Masters Degree admission was fake and forged. All in desperation to implicate me, they went on to fabricate that the institution I attended in Niger Republic (Institut Superieur de Technologie et de Management) is not in existence and that the address I provided “is housing local shops not the institution”. When eventually ABU, Zaria did its internal investigation based on the letter the Police sent to them and the subsequent one I also forwarded on same 25th April, 2014, (where I attached copies of all my credentials including details that of my Masters admission and registration), I was eventually cleared.

Unknown to Bala and Bomoi when they plotted the disappearance of my academic record file at the Postgraduate School, the Faculty and the Department also maintain same academic records with same information of their students and that of the Faculty and the Department were used to exonerate me. The initial mischief behind removing my record at the Postgraduate School and using the Police at the General Investigation Unit to write a letter to ABU, Zaria to confirm my claim of attending the institution was to get a similar reply they eventually manipulated and got against me through the Embassy of Niger Republic which they failed to obtain from ABU, Zaria, and which was also the basis of their recent publication to justify their claim of forgery against me.

I want to confidently confirm and assure your good office that Bala Muhammad, Ibrahim Bomoi and Co. have used the same criminality they failed to achieve in ABU, Zaria in the institution I attended in Niger Republic and thereafter plotted and got an ‘indicting’ letter against me. After conniving and bribing some officials of the institution in Niger Republic to remove my academic record and file from the system successfully, they sponsored a police officer, ACP Umar Muri who was then at the GI Unit in Force CID to write a letter to the Embassy of Niger Republic through the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs for confirmation as they did in the case of the failed plot in ABU Zaria. The purpose all along was to get an ‘indicting’ reply against me which they are desperate to use to blackmail, distract and to ensure my arrest just to stop the release of the book, “FCT Admin under Bala: The Rot Within”, due to be released to the public soon. This latest plot was organised after I recently declined an offer of N50 million from Bala Muhammad, Ibrahim Bomoi and Jamila Tangaza to halt the release of the book that made me a subject of their persecution and blackmail during the last two years. But destroying genuine record to justify false claims and using an institution like the Police to blackmail and persecute journalists and media houses by the cabal of Bala Mohammed Ibrahim Bomoi who stole so much from the nation’s treasury and willing to spend any amount would never work under this administration. In due course and for your record purpose, you will receive communication that will expose the fraud and justify the content of this letter.

But the purpose of this letter of complaint is to request your good office to investigate their several acts of criminal defamation against me and ask some posers that indicted the plotters of the forgery claim against me and the Police at the General Investigation Unit of conspiracy and to request your urgent investigation, intervention and necessary action. This letter is also meant to draw your attention to ensure that the Police as the enforcers and custodians of the law act strictly within the confines of the by staying away from this matter for now since a competent court has restricted the Police from further acting on ANY matter on the highly intriguing forgery allegation. The following posers sir are very important for your consideration:-

Even though I am not a lawyer as the so called ADVOCATES AGAINST CORRUPTION claimed to be in their sponsored publications, I, the public and interested parties like ABU, Zaria will like to know how they got highly classified and confidential letters exclusively written to the IGP and the Commissioner of Police General Investigation, GI eg the published letter written to the IGP by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the one ABU, Zaria confidentially wrote to the CP GI Unit through ACP Umar. M Muri – which I am seeing for the first time in the papers – to publish if the plotters are truly not conniving with the Police to persecute and implicate me by all means. Ordinarily such official letters which are supposed to be part of Police evidence are supposed to be seen only in court during prosecution. For the Police to be exonerated from alleged conspiracy and culpability we will like to know how a certain Barr. P. U. Ejike and Barr. Vera G. Onoja (the signatories of the open letter to you) got the confidential letters of the Police which they published and circulated all over. Our check at the Corporate Affairs Commission also revealed that the group is not registered by law. We humbly request your good office to investigate;

I am also pleading your good office to investigate the link between a notoriously known fraudulent lawyer, Barr. Joe Kyari Gadzama, his clients Bala Muhammad, Ibrahim Bomoi and the group that called themselves ADVOCATES AGAINST CORRUPTION;

And in view of the millions spent in sponsoring two page publications in national dailies, couple with other millions spent on electronic media to publicise the mischief, the nation, myself and your good office will naturally be interested to know the group’s source of income or who actually sponsored the said publications. This is very important to prove to the world that the group is acting on its own and most importantly why it develops interest in me;

It is also important to reiterate to your good office that I am an independent person and working under nobody and has never been cut in any act of forgery by any organisation, school, place of work and therefore phantom group(s) or the likes of Bala Muhammad, Ibrahim Bomoi and Jamila Tangaza have no moral rights with their burden of corrupt enrichment to question or subject my credentials to scrutiny, abuse and public ridicule. In the company I solely owe (FUZA Communication Services Limited) there is no law that made it mandatory for me to have even a primary school certificate before I operate. Bala Muhammad and Ibrahim Bomoi are only very uncomfortable with the illusion that President Muhammadu Buhari will give me appointment hence the recent desperation to discredit and tarnish me by all means. My paper and I have no regret for supporting the presidential aspiration of President Buhari which they fought vigorously to suppress. By taking all this measures, Bala and Bomoi also want ABU, Zaria to withdraw my hard earned Masters Degree Certificate as a way of punishing me for exposing their several acts of abuse of office and corrupt enrichment which DESERT HERALD has intensified and reported more than any paper;

And finally sir in a suit No: KDH/KAD/419/2014 currently going on before Justice M.L. Bello in Kaduna High Court where the Police is ably represented by Barr. DSP Nwodo, a valid order was given by the Court restraining the Police from “investigating, threat of arrest, actual arrest and carrying on with prosecution of the plaintiff on ANY matter” pending the determination of the suit. I hereby attached the copy to you again to justify that by even going ahead to continue with investigation on the matter the Police has violated the court order and have prove that they have special interest on the matter. What made the Police at the GI Unit to continue with the investigation and threatening my arrest on this matter despite these valid court order and in view of the fact that they have announced appearance in the case which the record of the court clearly shows beats my imagination and exposes their alleged conspiracy on the matter against me.

Based on the above case and your resolve since taking over as the IGP to ensure the Police remain strictly professional, law abiding and incorruptible, I urge your good office to direct the GI Unit to abide by the court order which is not my decision and to investigate their complicity.


While I await the prompt action of your good office and thorough investigation of the matter, please accept the assurances of my highest regard and that of my paper that has national and international reckoning in Investigative Journalism and fighting all corrupt practices.

Yours sincerely,

Mallam Tukur Mamu

(Dan-Iyan Fika


President Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces

Honourable Attorney General and Minister of Justice

VC, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

Institut Superieur de Technologie et de Management

CP General Investigation Force CID

Nigeria Press Council

Committee to Protect Journalists, CPJ, Paris

Reporters Without Borders, New York

Protection Rights of Journalists of Africa, PRJA, Cape Town



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