Deployment Of Combined Security Forces In Katsina: We Are Not In Trust With The Motives-Says Sheikh Ya’qoub Yahaya Katsina

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Abdullahi Isah Wasagu

Shortly after the rounding up of weekly supplications session in Katsina zone of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria lead by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, on Thursday, 24/7/2017, the Ameer of the zone, Sheikh Ya’qoub Yahaya Katsina speaks on the security tension as a result of mass deployment of combined security forces in and outskirt of Katsina, since Sunday, 23/7/2017.

Sheikh Ya’qoub Yahaya Katsina acknowledged that, we are not are not categorically implying the moves to looking for a  chance to attacking us, but we are not in good trust to the circumvent deployment of the security forces.

Sheikh Ya’qoub debunked that, we have been acknowledged that they heard a wind that we are planning to stage a mass free Sheikh Zakzaky protest in the city of Katsina. That is why deploy security forces with a view to arresting me or to exterminate my life.

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According to them, I am the most challenging member in this Movement now, as the revered leader Sheikh Zakzaky in being in secrete security detention in contempt of court for nearly two years, yet, the Movement upkeep all its activities even in the absence of its leader. And I happen to disclose all their sinister plan against the Movement, that is why they are planning to arrest or kill me.

“They really want to accomplish the devilish Zaria carnage. During the callous massacre, they deploy security forces at the precinct of Hussainiyyah which letter propagate a smeared campaign of road blockage to justify their crime.

Now, they are looking for one way or the order to execute such similar crime in Katsina”. Explain the cleric.

Sheikh Ya’qoub Yahaya Katsina made it categorically clear that, these sinister plan in Katsina is a motive from Federal government. They sought cooperation with the Katsina state government, but the state government did no connive with them, nothing that, they have no  misunderstanding the Islamic Movement in Katsina.

The disposition of the security forces might have a connection with the old-aged Boko Haram sponsored phenomena. On Saturday, 21/7/2017, they hatched it in Kano. They staged a move in connection of it where they arrested 3 peoples in the long run. Added Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya.

At the end of his brief address after the prayer session, Sheikh Ya’qoub Yahaya conveyed a message to the enemies of peace and Islam that, exterminating his life or arresting him could not put paid to the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. Innumerable persons like Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya are outstanding ready to sacrifice their time, blood and all what they could do foe the progress of Islam and Islamic Movement in Nigeria. All their mischievous plans against the Movement shall be in vain. In God we trust and on to Him we implore for help.

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